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Bride Blogging | Manolo for the Brides

Bride Blogging

Manolo says, welcome to the newest of the blogs to be added to the world of the Manolo, Manolo for the Brides! Here you will find the fashion advice of the Manolo and his cousin Donatella.

The Donatella, she knows the weddings! In the fact, she is almost the professional wedding consultant, having been married five of the times, at the last count. She has the impeccable taste in the gowns and all the accoutrements of the brides, and so will give us her many years of the wisdom, as the bride, the bridesmaid, the newlywed, the widow, and perhaps even as the gay divorcee.

The Manolo, he will be here to provide the spiritual and stylistic guidance and to recommend the shoes and the accessories.

Manolo says, if you are the young bride-to-be, or the bridesmaid-to-be, or you just, like many of the womens, are obsessed with the weddings, bookmark this place and visit frequently.

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