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The Question About The Bridesmaid Shoes | Manolo for the Brides

The Question About The Bridesmaid Shoes

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends she has asked the Manolo the question.

Dearest Manolo, Help! I am going to be in a very formal wedding this summer. Men wearing cutaway tailcoats, etc. I want to match my shoes to my gown — if you can’t do that as a bridesmaid, when can you? — and need help deciding between two pairs of dyeable heels. I like the fact that the open-toe ones have some rhinestones on the toe strap, which would be the only part of the shoe anyone would probably see. But then I don’t know if open-toe is right with this dress. And the closed-toe are much higher-quality shoes. (Mmm, Weitzman.) Here are pics of both pairs of shoes and the dress. What do you think? Which ones are more superfantastic?

Manolo says, for the Manolo, there is no question. The Manolo he prefers the closed toed shoes of the Stuart Weitzman.

In the general, the closed toed shoes, they are much more elegant than the sandals, especially if the other of the bridesmaids, they have the bunions or the hammer toes, or are in the desperate need of the pedicure.

Manolo says, my friend, she should count herself lucky, the bridesmaid’s dress she is to wear, it is indeed beautiful. Many brides they do not wish to be shown up by the beauty of the bridesmaid, so they like to dress them in the odd colored sacks.

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