The Mermaid

Vera WangAugusta JonesAmsale

A friend of mine has recently asked me to help her choose a gown with a mermaid silhouette, something appropriate for her wedding near the beach this summer in Florida. I’ve got to say, that this was sort of easy for me. Right now the mermaid is in, and is my favorite shape of the moment.

I’ve managed to find three beautiful dresses that would work perfectly for her. The first, in the upper left corner, is a halter top with an empre bodice by Vera Wang. The second, in the upper right, is a strapless with floral appliques and an organza overlay, by the young British designer Augusta Jones. And the bottom one is another halter top, this one by Amsale.

All three dress convey an attitude that is at once romantic and relaxed. They’re fun and flirty and any of the three would be good for my friend’s wedding by the sea.

The thing about the mermaid silhouette is that it’s very flattering and really shows a girl’s curves, and if, like my friend you’ve got them, why not flaunt them.

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