Grace Kelly, Bride

Grace Kelly,Bride

Manolo says, now that the poor Prince Rainier is on the verge of leaving this life, we begin to see the pictures of his wedding to the late Grace Kelly appear in the press. This it is only natural, as the marriage it was the event that made him more famous than his position as the hereditary ruler of the minor principality would have ordinarly justified.

The Grace Kelly and the Prince Rainier they were married in April 19, 1956, in the traditional Catholic ceremony. As you can see, the Grace Kelly she was perhaps the most beautiful bride–wearing perhaps the most beautiful gown–to ever marry a prince.

For the Manolo it is actually, literally, stunning to see how beautiful she was in this photo. The Rainier, he is not the bad-looking man, just average with his little belly, receeding hairline, and jowls, but the juxtaposition with this ethereal beauty, it is not flattering to him.

This dress it was made for the Grace Kelly by the Helen Rose, the chief designer of the costumes for the MGM studios, the same woman who had designed the costumes for the Grace Kelly’s last movie, the High Society.

As the website of the British Film Institute says,

So enchanted was Kelly with the wedding dress Helen Rose designed for her in High Society that she asked Rose to design the dress for her wedding to the Prince. Helen Rose designed a gown which was fashioned out of 98 yards of tulle, 25 yards of silk taffeta and an incredible 300 yards of lace. Kelly’s veil was covered in a web of thousands of seed pearls with a motif of lovebirds appliquéd in lace. As Kelly’s seven-year contract with MGM had yet to be completed, she negotiated her release by allowing her wedding to be filmed and shown in movie theatres. MGM gave Kelly the dress, which is now on display in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Manolo says, it is indeed one of the greatest wedding gowns of all time, beautiful, opulent, and yet supremely tasteful.

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