The Whales

Manolo says, Ayyyyy! It is just like the Officer and the Gentleman, only it is with the Whales!

4 Responses to “The Whales”

  1. Annalucia says:

    The Annalucia, she clicked on the picture, but it led to a site with a completely different photo and no explanation of the one that the Manolo posted. So she will take a wild guess and assume that the officer and his new wife held their wedding reception in an aquarium.

    To which the Annalucia can only say, Why not? The white of the whales, and the cool blue of the aquarium background, they are a pleasing color combination and coordinate nicely with the white of the couple’s outfits. She also wonders if sushi was served and the “Water Music” played for the guests, but she is not going to let it keep her awake at night.

    All in all a pleasing photo, and much kinder to the eyes than the fashion atrocities of the Galliano.

  2. Manolo says:

    The Annalucia, she is, as the usual, correct. It was the wedding of the Japanese Coast Guard officer and his bride held at the aquarium.

  3. La BellaDonna says:

    La BellaDonna, she agrees with the Annalucia; it seems a most appropriate venue, given the groom’s profession, and unlike the wedding on the beach, it can be held in the winter as well as in the summer, and regardless of whether the day it is rainy. And if the guests should imbibe too much to make dancing safe, they may amuse themselves watching the fishies swim about. And the white whales would make any bride look and feel tiny next to them, which is also not a bad thing

    La BellaDonna hopes the peoples, they had a whale of a good time at the wedding.

  4. Ted Seay says:

    And here we see the end result of the Japanese government’s intensive lobbying efforts to restore legal commercial whaling…

    …so the bride and groom can enjoy fresh sashimi with their wedding cake.