Hello Bridey!

Hello Bridey!

Manolo says, the Manolo’s hilarious internet friend the Spirit Fingers, she has found the latest fad from Japan, the Hello Kitty theme wedding!

6 Responses to “Hello Bridey!”

  1. Annalucia says:

    The Japanese, they appear to have a mania for the borrowings from the foreigners. They have made a great holiday of “Kurisimasu” (Christmas) though there are scarcely enough Christians in the country to comprise a soccer team. They have a new craze for the Western style wedding, so that they will be happy to hire any English-speaking gaijin to “officiate” before the happy couple and the witnesses; he need not even be ordained. And now the Hello Kitty.

    These are preferable, no doubt, to other such Japanese fads as the Bushido. But they are very strange nonetheless.

  2. enygma says:

    um..Annalucia, you do realize that Hello Kitty is a Japanese creation, right? Other than the Western-style wedding, I don’t think the couple is borrowing anything.
    btw, happy birthday, Never teh Bride!

  3. Annalucia says:

    Molte grazie to the Enygma for the correction. When the Annalucia read the article she saw the reference to the Taiwan and mistakenly thought that the Hello Kitty had originated there. Next time she promises to read more slowly and to make sure that all the sentences will parse.

  4. Tania says:

    I am so sorry I am already married and unable to take advantage of this trend.

  5. Lori says:

    I like this better than the “Hello Chairman.”

  6. Never teh Bride says:

    Thanks, Enygma!!