For the boys

Tux shirt

Because ladies only comprise one half of matrimonial bliss, I thought that I would address the topic of tuxes. As the future bride shops and shops and shops for the perfect dress, the future groom briefly thinks “tuxedo” before going back to playing fantasy football. That’s fine, I suppose, as long as the groom isn’t inclined to wear a t-shirt tux like the one above. But, in the interest of educating the ladies so they can educate their men, here are a few tips on tuxes from Simon’s Men’s Clothing.

When shopping for a tux, look for:

Traditional style – A black, single breasted jacket with notch lapel and pleated trousers have been in style for decades and will still be fashionable for decades to come.

Basic black – Don’t get creative with the color. A basic black tux can be worn to any formal function. If you want a splash of color, try a unique tuxedo shirt or formal set.

Year-round, tropical wool – Unlike polyester blends, wool breathes and adapts to the weather. Wrinkles fall out to keep your tux looking crisp.

Tailored fit – An ill-fitting tux ruins the classic look. Make sure an experienced tailor alters the tux so it fits properly.

5 Responses to “For the boys”

  1. Gigolo Kitty says:

    I am traumatized by the T-shirt tux. Even the turkey is protesting!

  2. Jane C says:

    The t-shirt tux on an adult is not cute. The tux bib on a baby, though, is adorable.

  3. Never teh Bride says:

    The t-shirt tux is truly a frightening piece of Americana.

  4. Lori says:

    Last year’s office Christmas party invitation reminded me of this shirt. It stated that the dress for the party was “holiday casual.”

  5. Never teh Bride says:

    Holiday casual? So, what, saran wrap and Christmas tree balls?