One-stop weddings

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Being that I am a Boston girl, I couldn’t help noticing that the 7th annual Baystate Bridal Expo, the largest two-day Boston bridal show, will be coming to the Bayside Expo Center in January. According to a press release, the show will…

sparkle with glamorous gowns, elegant formal wear, door prizes, fashion shows, live music and entertainment, DJs, photographers, videographers, limousine services, ice-sculpting demonstrations, breathtaking floral designs, wedding ideas from participating sponsor, Stop and Shop and food samples from Bostonís top caterers, bakeries, and banquet facilities. Brides-to-be can plan their entire wedding in just one weekend, itís one stop shopping and planning with many of the best wedding professionals in the area.

But is it worth it? Apparently, these shows have been around for decades and can be a great resource for the future bride (and perhaps groom) who goes into it with the right attitude and as an idea seeker. Expos are filled with folks whose main goals involve getting your money. According to the expo tips on, it’s best to wear comfy shoes and clothes, bring a friend or relative, and fill out as many contest entry forms as humanly possible. Also, future brides and grooms should bring pens and notebooks because the fashion shows and cake displays can all be great sources of ideas.

As to how to find one in your area, they recommend you:

Check out websites, wedding publications and bridal shops to see where shows are in your area. If youíve registered your name anywhere as a bride-to-be, you will more than likely receive information about bridal shows in your mailbox or e-mail.

Just be prepared for the resultant spam.

2 Responses to “One-stop weddings”

  1. Asiji says:

    Actually, this is the time of year when tons of charities send you those address labels for free. These are a godsend. Take the pre-printed labels along and use them to speed up your contest entries. Or, if you have the time and inclination, print your own using blank mailing labels (I use Avery), and include address, day and night phone, # of guests, colors, wedding date, theme (if any), and email address. Makes entering these contests a breeze when you just stick the label on top (double-check to see if there’s any extra info they need). Bonus: you don’t have to worry about your writing being legible, and the contest runners will appreciate it.

    Don’t forget to open a new free email account for your wedding planning, so you can leave the spam behind when you’re done (some companies keep sending things for a year or two after). Also, if you print your own labels, you can use a fake middle name/initial, so when you get things in the post, you can easily identify bridal junk mail and throw it straight out.

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Absolutely fantastic ideas, Asiji! Particularly about the use it and toss it e-mail addy!