How can she walk down the aisle in that thing?

Slinky dress

Is it just me, or is the shape of this satin and organza sheat dress from Impression Bridal just…wrong? The bottom half of the dress – or is it the model in the dress – looks like it belongs to a cartoon caricature of Marilyn Monroe. Sure, this dress is making an impression. And that impression is “hard to walk in.”

I do, however, recommend checking out Impression Bridal’s web site just for bizarro fact that their spring 2006 wedding catalog – as small as it is – features models posing with muscular naked men. Huh?

16 Responses to “How can she walk down the aisle in that thing?”

  1. Lori says:

    Maybe the naked men are there to carry her down the aisle. Hey, if the sight of a mermaid dress on the bride doesn’t make the groom’s mother and sisters drag him away from the altar, will anything?

  2. La BellaDonna says:

    Actually, I looooooove this dress. Not for me! Not even for the man I love, who thinks I look perfect in anything. Which I so do not. But I think it’s a beautifully realized design: the fluted skirt is echoed in the fluted sleeves, which are lovely, even if they don’t quite fit that model’s shoulders, and the skirt, which appears in the picture to perhaps be a satin organza, is cut on the bias. This means that, tight as the skirt appears, it should be quite possible to walk in it. It will, however, reveal every curve, and bump, that Nature gave the wearer. For the 1% of the population that might be able to wear it, it will look stunning.

    *The bodice, sensibly enough, appears to be boned, which means that the bosom should stay where it ought, and at least the midriff and waist will be smooth. (The acute observer will see that it is in fact the same fitted slightly dropped V-waist which appears on the poufy wedding dress a couple of postings earlier; it is indeed a versatile bodice shape.)

  3. Never teh Bride says:

    While I am a fan of the bodice, I don’t think I want to reveal my bumps!

  4. Lori says:

    I do like the bodice and sleeves on this dress. I just think it would be better as an evening gown than a bridal gown.

  5. Kourtney says:

    Sadly, I do not desire to look like Jessica Rabbit on my wedding day. Otherwise, this dress would be IT.

  6. Never teh Bride says:

    Ha! Kourtney’s right. I can practically here that Ba-Da-Pa-Da Ba-Pa-Da Ba-Pa-Da song playing instead of the wedding march!

  7. This dress is for the bride whose husband-to-be is a seafood enthusiast. The shape is quite fish-like…

  8. gidget bananas says:

    I hope that shape is a result of over-enthusiastic photoshopping. The gown does have lovely bits.

  9. Megaera says:

    I am deep in the belief that the fell photoshopper shaved a bit too much off the knees, but I’d like to point out that for those of us who are…well…Jessica Rabbitt shaped, the mermaid skirt can keep you from looking like you are about to fall over from your top-heaviness by adding much needed volume at the bottom. On a different note, forget the dress, who wants to be married with hair that looks like the Bride of Frankenstein with a peroxide job?

  10. Megaera says:

    err…Rabbit I meant, darn my love of Eddie Rabbitt’s music….confuses my last names…

  11. JayKay says:

    LOL Megaera! Eddie Rabbitt! LOL!
    My take on this dress:
    No matter how much doublesided sticky tape used, the ONLY person that can pull off this dress is Jessica Rabbit. This has got to be a Photoshop job…

  12. Megaera says:

    oh yes, but the hints of its acutal shape leave one wondering what it looks like in real life!

  13. Sibyl says:

    She’s got one foot right in front of the other, and the gown is pulled back around her legs to exaggerate the shape. It’s not as much of a hobble skirt as it looks.

    I love mermaid/fishtail skirts beyond all reason. It’s even possible to have one that looks good on that other 99 percent — done with heavier, tailored fabric instead of bias-cut, drapey stuff.

  14. Sibyl is right, the reason the dress looks so extreme has more to do with how the model is standing than the dress itself. I don’t think it is so bad, although I don’t think most women could pull it off.

  15. Kelly says:

    If I had a body like her’s, I’d wear that dress EVERYWHERE… Dinner, drinks, as a bathrobe, to church, to the mall… Everywhere.

  16. Leslie says:

    One of my brides wore this dress at her wedding last year. Check out her wedding here: