Give a future bride the gift of serenity

With all that can go wrong when planning a wedding, future brides deserve holiday breaks. Compound all the stress of the upcoming event with holiday prep and you have a recipe for a pre-nuptial freak-out. The Philosophy ‘Here Comes the Bride’ gift set includes a dose of hope, purity, grace, soul, and time…all in convenient bath product form. I’m not usually one for frilly bath stuff, but I think I’d feel differently if I was trying to balance catering options with Christmas shopping.

3 Responses to “Give a future bride the gift of serenity”

  1. Kourtney says:

    Oh, good call. There’s Xmas, there’s a three week vacation in a week & a half, there’s a wedding that’s two months away, & there’s so much overtime at work that it’s not even funny. (It is however, good at covering wedding costs.) A tub fiull of bliss sounds perfect.
    And I think you don’t even need to be hyper-planning, anyone who is busy deserves this. might be a nice things for the bridemaids, too…

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Yikes, Kourtney – it sounds like you have little room to breathe! Get to pampering yourself!!

  3. murmeltier says:

    Lord bless her, one of my attendants gave me this the day before the wedding. I had a big old soak in a big old tub before getting ready, and I was “the most relaxed bride ever,” according to our officiant. I HIGHLY recommend it!