Would You Attempt a DIY Wedding Cake?

DIY wedding cake

A good wedding cake tastes as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. Period. End of story. Unfortunately, I think a lot of brides and grooms don’t actually care about the wedding cake. How it tastes, I mean. That’s okay, of course. I am an advocate of splurging on what you care about and scrimping on the things that don’t matter to you. However, wedding guests are presented with cake slices whether they want them or not, and wedding the cake is often the last hurrah of the reception.

So, if you want a memorable wedding, consider a good wedding cake.

A giant, six-tiered wedding cake from your country’s most sought after cake decorator is going to set you back. Luckily, there are other ways to come by a beautiful and tasty wedding cake. Perhaps you know someone with mad icing skillz. Maybe your local bakery makes beautiful small tiered cakes and sheet cakes. Or, you can try following the step-by-step instructions in wedding cake expert Dede Wilson’s guide, Wedding Cakes You Can Make: Designing, Baking, and Decorating the Perfect Wedding Cake.

Wedding Cakes You Can Make: Designing, Baking, and Decorating the Perfect Wedding Cake

Of course, you can also dare to be different. There is no rule stating that wedding cakes must be white, tiered, flowery, and bland. There are some pretty interesting recipes out there. Since who knows when I’ll get to have a wedding, I’m going to try out a few of these to give out as New Year’s gifts!

Fruity, cinnamon wedding cake

Caribbean wedding cake with jam

Old fashioned country wedding cake

Rosewater flavored wedding cake

Almond wedding cake

Champagne wedding cake

8 Responses to “Would You Attempt a DIY Wedding Cake?”

  1. Rob says:

    It would be helpful to watch the good eats show on foodtv when Alton does Buttercream frosting.
    Here is the link to the recipe on foodtv.com

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Thanks, Rob! Of course, for those who don’t like buttercream frosting, there are about a gazillion other frosting options one can use. A nice homemade buttercream, I like. Icky mass produced bakery buttercream is often nasty!

  3. Rob says:

    Everytime someone buys an icky mass produced bakery buttercream frosted cake, God kills a kitten. So please think of the kittens.

  4. JayKay says:

    AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! LOL! That is too funny! *doubled over laughing*

    P.S. Does that make me sick? Oh well…

  5. Never teh Bride says:

    So true, Rob! So true!

  6. Cassie says:

    Also, there’s always wedding pie! It’s cheaper than cake, and who doesn’t love pie?

  7. Never teh Bride says:

    Thanks for the tip, Cassie! I’d never heard of wedding pie before!

  8. Twistie says:

    My husband doesn’t like cake and is diabetic, so my father made about a gazillion fruit tarts – some with sugar added and some without – for our wedding instead. Everybody loved them and my beloved didn’t have to eat cake that he disliked and was hideously bad for him.