Unique Wedding Registries? Why Not!

unique wedding registries

I read a fabulous article in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette recently that discussed how today’s future brides and grooms aren’t filling their wedding registries with pots and pans and cake servers. Nope. A good portion of today’s future husbands and wives already live on their own and have all the furniture, cookware, toasters, and so forth that they could want.

A generation ago, wedding gifts helped couples who were moving out of their parents’ homes and into a place of their own. But the average age of brides today is 27, and 29 for grooms. They have a much better sense than did earlier couples of where their lives will lead and what they’ll need along the way.

Of course, there are still plenty of people out there who wouldn’t mind a fancy new set of linens or high end steak knives. To that end, Modern Bride has a fairly comprehensive wedding registry checklist, which includes items like iced beverage spoons and a wok. And it seems one can create a wedding registry at just about any store in creation.

But more and more soon-to-be-married men and women are creating honeymoon fund registries, home-mortgage registries and investment registries. On The Knot, a betrothed couple can register for just about anything. Using their Create-a-Gift registry, one can ask for anything from a puggle to ballroom dancing lessons to a tree. At Just Give, you can create a charitable registry that lets wedding guests contribute a gift to charity in your name.

(That’s the registry option I like. I already have way too many plates and things like that.)

5 Responses to “Unique Wedding Registries? Why Not!”

  1. Jessica says:

    You can also let guests donate to charity in your name at the I Do Foundation, or set it up that a percentage of their purchases off your registry goes to charity. My personal favorite is the option where you tell your guests, “We donated to charity in your honor. Get your own damn Jordan almonds.”

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Great tip, Jessica. Thanks! The world needs less nasty Jordan Almonds!

  3. Bacon's Mom says:

    It’s also considered pretty rude to register for mortgages and honeymoons – something The Knot won’t tell you.

  4. Kourtney says:

    We registered at a hardware store for flooring – since we really, realy have everything, including the fine china, crystal, & linens. The basement reno, however, is needing a floor…

    Most people have thought it’s fantastic – I haven’t gotten any negative feedback about it at all.

  5. Sam. K says:

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