Oh, Momma! Maternity Wedding Dresses Are Everywhere!

maternity wedding dresses

Life isn’t as simple as it once was. The definition of family is no longer a mommy and a daddy who are married and their 2.5 offspring. A family can be just a woman and a man, joined in matrimony or not, with kids or not. Or it can be a lot of other things, as well. Some people, nowadays, choose to have their babies before tying the knot. Or, as it has happened throughout time, a baby may start a-brewin’ before or after an engagement has been announced.

Luckily, in the present, getting knocked up before marriage won’t get you stoned outside the borders of the city – at least not in most cultures. And that’s good news for wedding dress designers and sellers because it means that there is a market for maternity wedding dresses! From what I can tell, maternity wedding dresses used to be rather blah affairs designed to hide a girl’s shame. Today, a bride-to-be with a bun in the oven has plenty of chic wedding gowns to choose from, like the one above from Tekay Designs.

Matrimonial mommas are also free to wear something a little sexier if they wish. There are plenty of strapless, backless, and off the shoulder maternity wedding dresses designed to flatter babes with a bump. Tiffany Rose Maternity‘s wedding selection is unfortunately small, but their gowns, like the one pictured below are quite sassy. And, if you’re willing to wear a color instead of white, your range of choices grows exponentially!

Sassy Mommy

I’ll admit it. This is a topic I like. I showed up at the wedding of a friend who I hadn’t seen in a quite a while only to discover that she was quite pregnant. I was the maid of honor, so kept my exclamations of surprise to a cool minimum. She simply chose a wedding gown she liked and had a good tailor put an extra panel of fabric in. I plan on touching on this topic again really soon because there is plenty to say!

5 Responses to “Oh, Momma! Maternity Wedding Dresses Are Everywhere!”

  1. Lori says:

    Actually, during America’s early years, when houses were far apart and spare bedrooms didn’t exist, courting couples practiced “bundling,” where the two people slept in the same bed, separated only by a log. Pregnant brides abounded in those days.

  2. enygma says:

    The first dress would look a lot nicer without the gauzy sleeves and if the model had brushed her hair before the shoot. The second dress, though, is very pretty.

  3. shoelover says:

    Wow, too bad Hee Haw isn’t on the air any more………..excellent demographics…………..

    Ya, I know, I’m bad

  4. Never teh Bride says:

    A log, Lori?? Crazy. I’m not surprised that pregnancies occurred, since it’s pretty easy to move the log and then put it back in the morning! 😉

  5. Never teh Bride says:

    The first model also looks sort of cross eyed and out of it. Maybe all those hormones are addling her brain. That would explain the Brit Spears hair.