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Like many future brides out there, I have long dreamed of having a beautiful outdoor wedding. Unfortunately, science has not yet progressed to the point that individuals can simply order up a sunny day using a handy toll free number. I’m sure many a bride and groom have been surprised by an unexpected shower as they said their “I do’s.” One would hope that fewer newly married couples have had their cake destroyed by a guest so eager to get out of the rain that he dives into it, a la Guns ‘n Roses’ November Rain video.

Reader Deena recently pointed me to a new feature on that lets eager, soon-to-be married ladies and gents track their wedding weather with a personalized wedding weather page. Of course, they say that those who predict the weather professionally are correct about 50% of the time, so one does wonder how accurate such a feature would be – particularly those getting married in locales where unpredictable weather is the norm.

For those still willing to risk it, there are plenty of ‘How to’ tomes to help you out, like The Everything Outdoor Wedding Book.

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8 Responses to “Wedding weather”

  1. I am SO supersitious about wedding day weather. I think I will be so devestated if it Rains on my wedding day. My mother hasn’t imparted much to me, but a throwaway saying of hers “happy be the bride the sun shines on”, I realise now when contemplating my own wedding, actually really impacted me.
    I really really want good weather. I literally think its a bad omen if it rains. Eek.

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Well then I hope your wedding day is sunny and clear, Dataceptionist! My figurative fingers are all crossed.

  3. Hahaha, thanks! Lets not get ahead of ourselves though, I myself have stubborn yet-to-propose The Beard of my own.

  4. Never teh Bride says:

    Good to know I’m not the only one, then 🙂

  5. Deena says:

    Wow, I’d always heard the opposite superstition: rain brings luck to a marriage.

    Now, that doesn’t mean I’m hoping for a downpour on my wedding day – but it would sort of ameliorate the annoyance.

  6. Gigolo Kitty says:

    My mother told me that if it rained the day you were born, it would rain the day you got married. By those standards, I am expecting a flood on my wedding day because the day I was born had the heaviest rains in many, many years.

  7. ChapstickAddict says:

    I think the best way to ensure it will be sunny on your wedding day is to get married in Phoenix. It hasn’t rained here for over 100 days! Sadly, I’m planning my wedding in Pennsylvania in the late springtime.

  8. jj says:

    You also have to consider more than just percipitation. At our rehersal, the day before the wedding, it was a freak 104 degree day in late June. Thankfully, it cooled down to the mid 90’s for our wedding, but we were really quite worried about the well-being of some of our older relatives if it was over 100.