Prize & Prejudice: A mini contest

Because I love courtship and marriage and love and romantic entanglements, I love Jane Austen. And because I love Jane Austen, I love Pride & Prejudice. And because I love Pride & Prejudice, I love Mr. Darcy. He’s like the original bad boy. Well, the gentleman of bad boys, anyway.

Last night, I was lucky enough to check out the soon-to-be released DVD of the newest version of Pride & Prejudice. (Hint: it stars the subtly handsome Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy.) Besides being a wonderful adaptation of this, one of my favorite books, it was also quite realistic in that the characters were all sort of gritty and unkempt – as was the norm back then when baths were seen as something frightfully bad for your health. It had some fabulous extras – I like my DVDs to have tons of special features – like a profile of the Bennet family and a short biography of Jane Austen.

Anyhow, to celebrate love, Jane Austen, getting married, studly leading men, and all that, I want to hear your craziest wedding stories – from your own wedding or a wedding you attended. Maybe the best man was caught in flagrante delicto with the matron of honor by the wedding photographer, who taped the whole thing and sent it to the mother of the bride. Or perhaps the bride showed up drunk and married an usher by mistake.

Whatever your nutty, funny, wacky, or even disturbing wedding story is, I want to hear it. The lady or gent who sends me most enthralling story will receive a Pride & Prejudice prize package, courtesy of Universal Studios and Salon Tea, that includes:

  • A copy of the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack CD

Pride & Prejudice

  • A romantic gift set from Salon Tea that includes one canister of Romantic Tea (green tea and jasmine) and one canister of rock amber sugar crystals, plus Tea For Two lip balm (in chai tea for the gentleman and green tea with roses for the lady) in a cute little flannel bag.

Tea for two and two for tea

  • And a Pride & Prejudice “I’m with Darcy” or “Mrs. Darcy” baby t-shirt

E-mail your bizarre or hilarious wedding story to by February 27 and on February 28, I’ll announce the lucky winner and post their story. I’ll also choose the stories of two runners up to share as well on subsequent days. Good luck! And let’s hear those crazy stories!

25 Responses to “Prize & Prejudice: A mini contest”

  1. Amandine says:

    January?? Do you mean February 27-28?? I want to enter but I’m not sure if I missed it.



  2. Manolo says:

    Yes, it is the February, not the January. Many thanks for noticing this error so that it might be corrected.



  3. Never teh Bride says:

    Oops! Sorry about that – and thanks for noticing my error, Amandine!

  4. Twistie says:

    Can you only enter once, or is it possible to enter with a second story? I’ve got several stories to share.

  5. jenny says:


  6. trish says:

    it’s austen. a-u-s-t-e-n. austen.

  7. Twistie says:

    //it’s austen. a-u-s-t-e-n. austen.//

    Does that mean I can’t win Austin Scarlett? Then I’m not playing! ; )

  8. Gigolo Kitty says:

    Mathew Mcfadyen was a most fetching Mr. Darcy. However, the Gigolokitty still thinks he is the ultimate Mr. Darcy.

    Of course the Mr. Darcy Anti-defamation League disagreed (as did the judge).

  9. cari says:

    “realistc… gritty and unkempt”? They may not have bathed much, but they spent hours on their hair. I’ll stick to the BBC version.

  10. Tammy says:

    Love your contest. I had a pretty wacky wedding, especially the day before. I sent you my entry yesterday!

  11. Hi NtB! Just letting you know I got engaged over the weekend!

  12. Twistie says:

    Squee! Congrats, Dataceptionist! That’s fantastic news!

  13. Never teh Bride says:

    Yay! Congrats, Dataceptionist!

  14. Never teh Bride says:

    And Twistie, feel free to send more than one tale.

    Sorry about the date and spelling errors, guys – I had one heck of a week with work and getting ready for my aunt’s wedding. Thanks for your patience!

  15. Neb says:

    Great contest idea! Congratulations, Dataceptionist!

    Also: Bathing (immersing oneself in a tub) may not have been a daily occurance, especially without hot & cold running water, but *washing* certainly was unless you were very slovenly. People went to greater pains to appear tidy back then, as opposed to nowadays where daily showers/baths are the norm and thus a studied “unkempt” look can pass for trendy or hip. One of the mail reasons for wearing headgear outdoors was to keep ones hair protected from road (garden, etc.) dirt, which is why I cringe everytime I see a costume drama with hatless people dotting the landscape. I could blather on and on, but I won’t.

    Mr. Darcy is the man.

  16. Neb says:

    Oops: for “mail” read “main”.

  17. La BellaDonna says:

    Neb: As long as our hostess doesn’t object, feel free to blather any time you like! Trust me, there will be another voice, shrieking in the wilderness, in support of you.

  18. Anna says:

    Did I miss the deadline?

  19. Bria says:

    Belated congrats, Datareceptionist–may the sun shine brightly on your wedding (indoors or outdoors!).

  20. Rosie 2041 says:

    Hiya NTB, well done you on the bouquet catch. Loving the sound of the Mrs Darcy t-shirts, have an ideal gift recipient in mind – can the shirts be purchased anywhere ?

  21. jessica rasso says:

    Imatthew only i can tell you than i love you, and your last movie it´s so special i i like alot

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