From the Kodak to your ceremony with ease

Reader A Student suggested I talk a bit about which of the many lovely and brilliant gowns at this year’s Oscars might make good wedding gowns. Looking over various photos of the event, it occurred to me that since shades of white are popular this year, quite a few of the gowns were already wedding ready. Of course, most were either strapless, sausage-casing tight, or low cut, so the aforementioned weddings would have to be of the less religious variety. Anyway, here is a selection of gowns that I think would easily fit right into a nuptial setting:

Look at that shine

Jennifer Garner in Michael Kors

Vintage yet contemporary

Reese Witherspoon in vintage Christian Dior

A little tight for my taste

Nicole Kidman in strapless Balenciaga

Folksy yet elegant

Diane Krueger in an Elie Saab strapless gown

Now there was one more actress who brides-to-be might want to look toward for advice when choosing their gowns…except, in this instance, as a shining example of what not to do. Yes, it’s Givenchy. But I don’t care who designed it. Naomi Watts looks like she’s wearing what I’d end up with if I tried to sew my own gown. Ladies, let this be a warning to you:


13 Responses to “From the Kodak to your ceremony with ease”

  1. Phyllis says:

    So Reese’s dress is vintage – does anyone have an idea how old? I really can’t say myseld, and I’m usually pretty good at guessing vintage dates.

  2. A Student says:

    Phyllis – it is 1955.

  3. jenny says:

    I feel like Naomi Watt’s gown looks like she’s wearing a girdle—but only from her knees to the tops of her legs. Then there’s a big exploded-sausage-casing thing going on in the hip/tummy area. Very odd, particularly because she’s so darn skinny.

  4. Never teh Bride says:

    Grrr, I haven’t been able to pinpoint a decade, Phyllis, though it is my fave out of all the dresses pictured.

  5. I actually really love Nicole Kidmans, I mean aside from her figure to die for, I think its gorgeous. While I like Reese Witherspoons, it makes her look shorter than she already is.

  6. sara says:

    Totally agree, dataceptionist. Makes Reese look shorter and wider.

    I’m also not convinced by Jennifer Garner’s gown in the boobular area – total lack of support.

    I think Naomi Watts’ gown looks like she was attacked by a box of nude-colored Kleenex.

  7. Phyllis says:

    Thanks much! 1955 makes sense. It does look gently tarnished and oxidized, which I think adds to it’s charm. But it also makes her arms look beefy for some strange reason.

  8. Never teh Bride says:

    I’m not sure it’s the dress making Reese look beefy. She tends to be of a more normal size when compared to most Hollywood actresses. I like that.

  9. jenny says:

    I dunno. I get real tired of the slinky, skin-tight-from-neck-to-knees look. I understand the “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” idea; but on the other hand, I feel like if you really feel beautiful and confident in whatever you’re wearing, it doesn’t necessarily need to be built to convince everyone else as well. (Now that theory will probably go over like a lead balloon. And no, it doesn’t excuse anything Sally Kirkland wears.)

  10. jenny says:

    All right. I guess what I was trying to say is that, in my book, there are millions of versions of flattering and beautiful, and not all of them are created to absolutely maximize slenderness.

    But then again, my 6 yr. old [and youngest child] told me at least three times in the last month “Mom, you look like you’re going to have a baby,” so what do I know?!

  11. JaneC says:

    Reese only looks shorter and wider here because the picture of petite, normal-ish weight Reese (5’2″) is sandwiched in between quite tall and thin Jennifer Garner (5’9″) and Nicole Kidman (5’10”). Of course she looks short–most people do, when they’re put next to someone who’s seven inches taller.

    I love Reese’s dress. I wonder how I’d look in that color…

  12. jenny says:

    I can tell you right now, I’d look three-years-dead in that color, as much as I love it. In vague pastels I look like a maiden who would be described as “poorly” in a Victorian novel: pasty, dark circles, tired. I’d like to look cool, ethereal and calm; not like someone who has literally “passed beyond the veil”…

  13. Frances says:

    Hi, I stumbled onto this site by lucky chance! Cool site!

    I really liked Diane Krueger’s dress. In fact, my wedding gown looked very similar. (Check it out in my blog.) I had not wanted a typical bridal dress, wanting to look like someone who’s on her way to the Oscars instead but when my fashion designer insisted I wear something sexy, I hesitated since it may be hard to move about. To my surprise, the figure-hugging dress she made for me fit like a glove and was just as comfortable.