For the bridesmaid or the bride?

Here comes the bridesmaid

I’ve noticed lately that the gulf that divides wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses is slowly coming together. The once clunky, never-to-be-worn again bridesmaid dress is becoming classier, slinkier, and, quite often, longer and more formal. And while the typically poufy, princessy wedding dress still dominates the matrimonial scene, there are plenty of less ornate offerings on the market.

In my frequent perusals of various sorts of eveningwear (which I have no occasion to wear but love to ooh and ahh over anyhow), I often check the manufacturer’s or designer’s color chart to see of a particular gown is available in white or ivory or cream. Lately, I’ve seen a range of bridesmaid dresses that could make fine wedding dresses, come in some shade of white, and are furthermore half or one third the price of your average wedding gown.

Can I get a collective “Whoopee!” from classy yet thrifty future brides? For those wondering, the above picture is of a Priscilla of Boston strapless satin bridesmaid gown with button-up back and banded trim in orchid. Here, for your consideration, is the same dress in vanilla:

And here comes the bride!

From bridesmaid to bride in one easy click!

6 Responses to “For the bridesmaid or the bride?”

  1. Anne says:

    I did the reverse… I wanted a green dress so I just got the J. Crew Whitney silk faille dress in keylime and their bridesmaid dress will soon be a wedding dress instead! But yes, they did have it in white and if I was more traditional I would have used that instead of the green. But hey, it’s my party, right?

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Darn right it’s your party, Anne!

  3. jenny says:

    Ann Taylor has a really lovelynew section vaguely aimed at the wedding party-crowd that features some really lovely dresses, suits and ensembles in ivory, light yellow, and a few other soft colors. It’s like “Units,” but in a good way! (Can anything be like “Units,” but in a good way?)

  4. jenny says:

    I’m sorry—I did not provide a clear thought bridge in that post.

    I meant to say that alot of the pieces can be mixed-and-matched: cardigans with shells & skirts or dresses, etc. And that is where the whole “Units” idea ties in.

    And I must beg your pardon for having used the word “lovely” twice in one sentence.

  5. Never teh Bride says:

    Ooh, and they’re not tremendously pricey, as dresses tend to go.

  6. Sheas says:

    My sister picked up a full length Vera Wang “Maids” gown for $300, in ivory. It’s a great tip for those who want to wear designer on their day, but can’t afford it. 😀