A useful gesture of thanks

Pretty and useful!

I’ve been to a goodly number of weddings in my time, attending as a guest or as a member of the bridal party. As a result, I could easily have acquired a number of useless and tacky knickknacks that would sit buried and unloved in my junk drawer.

Luckily, I have always had the good sense to leave little bells, ceramic baskets of faux flowers, and the like on the tables at the reception, where they belong. Sure, it sounds harsh, but I think that many people keep wedding and other favors long after the event out of guilt rather than sentiment. Eventually, those baubles end up in landfills.

Anyway, the mini-diatribe I just launched was simply my way of explaining why I love Favor Ideas‘ curved, brushed metal 2″ by 3″ picture frame. At the ceremony, they can be used as place card holders. Guests can then take them home and use the frame to display a treasured photo. Plus, each is only $.99!

I suppose some guests won’t have any immediate need for a picture frame, but a newlywed couple might consider including a sized-to-fit photo of some kind in their thank you cards. Hint hint.

And, as for me, I happen to have a big folder of pictures just waiting to be framed so I’m hoping they have these (or something like them) at the next wedding I attend.

5 Responses to “A useful gesture of thanks”

  1. Lauren says:

    I hate to break it to you, but half the people you send the photo to will throw it in the trash or loose it elsewhere.

    We went to a wedding with frame favors and the couple placed their engagement photo behind the place card. Everyone acknowledged that it was a nice picture, but no one really wanted it. Everyone who wanted a photo of the couple (i.e. the parents and grandparents) already had one.

  2. SO put your own pic in it! I think its awesome and if they delivered to Australia I’d buy them! Then I’d put a slip of paper in the colour theme with their name for a placecard and our wedding date. But crappy paper so people knew to throw it out and put their own photo in. AS it is we’re going to have these little folded plastic boxes printed with our names and wedding date and they’ll be filled with Jordan Almonds (hey I like Jordan Almonds ok? And they’re traditional…)

  3. Never teh Bride says:

    Good point, Lauren. I’m a photo junky but there is nothing wrong with putting a photo in the junk drawer. Of course, if there was a photo behind the placecard, I’d probably never find it because I always just slip the new photo on top of everything that’s already in the frame.

    Dataceptionist: How big are the boxes?

  4. jenny says:

    Datareceptionist, I think that Jordan almonds are more than adequate favors: I love them. Almost more than life itself. I’ve even been known to furtively stuff unwanted gauzy bags full of the little treasures into my purse for later consumption. But only at family weddings, I swear

  5. they’re about 5cm square NtB.