Consider this:

Big bling!

Do your bridesmaids wish that they, too, were sporting big bling? Buy them these faux-fabulous princess-cut replica diamond key chains from My Divine Wedding and they’ll feel as iced-out as the richest rap star.

Can’t afford the wedding day jewels you’d really like? Lease ’em! Adorn Brides lets brides drape themselves in luxurious diamond jewelry for thousands less than retail price. Of course, you have to return them after the weddings over.

People who don’t wear their wedding rings are more likely to neglect their children, according to a social psychology expert at the University of Alberta. Dr. Andrew Harrell lead an experiment in which 862 caretaker-children combinations were observed in fourteen supermarkets in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. “Caretaker neglect was measured as per how often the caretakers or their charges, estimated to be between one and seven years-old, wandered out of sight or were more than 10 feet away from each other.”

(I’m not sure I buy this. People have a lot of different reasons for wearing and not wearing rings. And its not unreasonable to let an older kid wander ten feet away.)

Not sure what being the mother of the bride entails? It’s Her Wedding But I’ll Cry If I Want To: A Survival Guide for the Mother of the Bride helps mothers help their daughter be the best brides they can be.

8 Responses to “Consider this:”

  1. Twistie says:

    Renting and borrowing bling has long been a custom among Hindu brides in India.

    My beloved doesn’t wear a ring. He just doesn’t like wearing jewelry at all. Also, we figure I wear enough jewelry for at least two. But I know if we had had children, he would in no way neglect them. He’s probably the single most responsible person I’ve ever known.

    A friend of ours doesn’t wear a wedding ring because he’s an electrician and it would be dangerous at work. He’s a deeply devoted father of two. Even when he brings the kids over here and I’m supposed to be watching them, he’s always aware of where they are and what they’re up to at any given moment.

    And yes, you ought to loosen the leash a bit by the time the kids hit ten. If you don’t, they’ll never learn to be independant at all.

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    If you’re a parent trying desperately to get food in the shopping trolly before the evening rush, it’s hard to keep an ambulatory child from never straying 10 feet away! I mean, really. I don’t think this Harrell fellow has any children.

  3. Bacon's Mom says:

    How is a child supposed to learn to be self-reliant and amuse herself if her mother never lets her get 10 feet away from her? I mean, seriously – that is not neglect. (And if it is, somebody call the authorities, because my kid is playing in the living room right now.)

  4. enygma says:

    hmm…I remember being at a certain age (7-10) and deliberately ditching my mom at stores, just so I could try to find her again. Very thrilling, especially when she moves away to another section of the store.

  5. Teaqa says:

    The diamond ring key chain is also available at and comes in a red ring box, very cute (and is also available with a red heart instead of a diamond) but at the slightly more pricey $16. Thanks for showing me a cheaper alternative though, i’ve been eyeing these from my bridesmaids for a while now, which at the moment don’t exist since i’m not even 20 and not in a relationship 😛 no harm in planning ahead though right.

  6. Motormouth says:

    Mayhaps the women neglect their children because they’re bitter about the fact that they cannot, post-pregnancy, *fit* into their wedding bands? I’m just saying…

  7. Phyllis says:

    That neglect thoery is just plain hooey. Neither me or DH wears our wedding rings. Dh is a musician and he says it bothers him, and one of the diamonds fell out of mine and I just never bothered to get it replaced. Too many other thing to spend the cash on – dance costumes, softball uniforms, summer camp, birthday parties etc etc..

    Although I do tend to wear my engagement ring more when I have regular manicures.

  8. Never teh Bride says:

    No harm at all, Teaqa! Sometimes the best weddings are the ones we make up in our heads! 🙂