Natural bridal (and bridesmaid) beauty

Juice Beauty Hydrating Organic Facial Kit

I think a lot about my future wedding. Okay, I’m obsessed with my future wedding. And I’m not even engaged yet. Go figure. I kept getting distracted today wondering what I’ll toss to all the single ladies if I decide to carry a fan instead of flowers. Anyway, since I’m an organic kind of gal, I often think about organic wedding options. Earth-friendly birdseed. Free range chicken. A natural fiber gown. And, of course, natural beauty solutions.

I really, really like Juice Beauty stuff because its made with organic ingredients – you know, stuff you can pronounce. I happened to stumble across this hydrating facial kit that can help brides-to-be prep their skin for the big day. It could also make a fabulous “little something” for future brides to give to their best girlfriends when the wedding is on the horizon and tensions are getting hot.

4 Responses to “Natural bridal (and bridesmaid) beauty”

  1. jenny says:

    I know that Burt’s Bees may not be everyone’s favorite “natural products” company, but I really love alot of their items; and they have several different bagged sets all ready to give. I’ve received a couple of them, and each and every item was appreciated. I love their lip products, almond hand creme, cuticle butter, Baby Bee scent, etc.

    I mean, who doesn’t love to pamper themselves…expecially for free!!

  2. I am a particular fan of Nutrimetics, “the perfect blend of Science and Nature”
    Aquaspa Body Polish!! The whole Aquaspa range really. The best products. I’ll never use department store products again (that means you L’Oreal!)

  3. Never teh Bride says:

    I wish someone would buy me a load of Burt’s Bees 🙂

  4. jenny says:

    Are you throwing not-so-subtle hints, Ntb?…;)