The art of wedding photography

Go Speedracer Go!

Weddings are made up of many intimate, funny, touching, and beautiful moments in time. Photographers endeavor to capture those moments so that they may be preserved and cherished in years to come. Photo District News recently announced the winners of its 2006 wedding photo competition, Top Knots, the New School of Wedding Photography. The images presented by the winning photographers are colorful (like Justin Marantz’s Go Speedracer Go! above), visually interesting, and uniquely composed. Go and have a gander at some gorgeous real life wedding moments.

5 Responses to “The art of wedding photography”

  1. Twistie says:

    There are some truly delicious images in that series. I adored the Korean bride and her mother sitting together, the gentleman in the kilt and his bride walking down the pier, the little girl preparing to throw rice at the happy couple with grains spilling out of her hand, the couple flying the ‘just married’ kite…so many wonderful encapsulations of the joy, worry, excitement, silliness and glory of weddings.

    Huzzah for weddings and good wedding photographers!

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    My personal favorite is the orangey one with the two ladies (bridesmaids, perhaps?) with the mirror.

  3. Anna says:

    Those were really good.

  4. Clare says:

    Wow. Those are great. I love the Jurgen Teller-y paparazzi shots from the Brazil wedding.

  5. I loved the shot of the bride bending over and the woman holding up her dress behind her. Really cool.

    I’m so glad that wedding photographers are finally getting the respect they deserve. I teach at a local college and a lot of our photography students look down on wedding photography. If they only knew how hard it was to shoot a wedding and how hard it is to find work purely as an artist.

    Thanks! I’ll tell my brides about the PDN photos and your site.