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For bridesmaids with simply sophisticated tastes

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

Belted bridesmaids

Belts are hot right now, or so I’ve read. Not the sort of belt that your dad utilizes to hold up his double-knit slacks. I’m talking about thick belts, ribbony belts, chain belts, and belts that don’t even look like belts at all. This dress, by Currie-Bonner, features a thick, contrasting silk tie that, like a belt, defines the waist of the wearer and turns a rather plain floor-length dress into a chic, eye-catching ensemble.

Brides and bridesmaids have four fabrics–Dupioni silk, linen, satin organza, and faille–as well as a host of classic and fun hues to choose from. This dress even comes in a number of shades of white for brides who want a simpler, cleaner look. I’m partial to the ample coverage this dress affords ladies like me, who might not want to show off their entire décolleté area. And whose legs inexplicably maintain their wintertime pastiness all year long.

Overkill much?

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

Reader deb sent me a link to some shall we say…striking vehicular adornments with which brides and grooms proud of their ‘just married’ status can shout to the world, “We’re hitched!” And I do mean shout.

We get it! We get it!

Car Graphiz (sic) describes itself as “Your one-stop decal shop for all your decal needs.” They offer thirteen styles of wedding-related decals that one can emblazon on the side of one’s car. AND thirteen designs that turn the hood of that car into the world’s largest wedding announcement. I’m not sure how much car decals cost, but when I see “Price: Ask” I assume it’s more than a night on the town.

I can just picture driving around Boston in my not-exactly-new but not-quite-that-old four door sedan upon which I have stuck gigantic stickers reading “Never teh Bride and The Beard: Together forever! We do! Our precious moments!”

If you’d like to announce your nuptials on your vehicle but don’t want to cover it in shades of purple and pink circa 1980, try these understated‘just married’ wedding bell magnets.

Wedding Bells

Yay for good reviews!

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

The lovely Elle of Wedaholic recently reviewed what she called “four great wedding blogs” and Manolo for the Brides made the cut. Go check out what she had to say and then check out the rest of Wedaholic, which is full of great advice!

Get your spa on

Friday, May 19th, 2006

When it comes to placating a ready-to-brawl bridezilla or an overwhelmed bridesmaid, there is nothing like a trip to the spa. But while we’d all love to grab our best friends and head off to Canyon Ranch for the weekend, it’s not always possible. If you’re me, it’s only possible when someone else is footing the bill. The next best thing, of course, is buying The Beard a ticket to the big game (in a totally obvious ploy to get him out of the house) and inviting everyone over for facials and frozen margaritas.

Joey New York Hawaiian Spa Body Kit

Someone–you know who you are–was recently awesome enough to buy me the
Joey New York Hawaiian Spa Body Kit
It’s full of good stuff like Seaweed Body Wash, Coconut Oil Body Moisturizer, Hawaiian Pineapple Hand, Elbow and Foot Cream, and White Chocolate Body Shimmer. Uh, yum? Why can’t they make these things edible? Anyway, it would make a super sweet gift for bridesmaids-to-be or for a future bride who wants a beauty pick-me-up but isn’t quite solvent enough to take a weekend trip to Canyon Ranch.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get my spa kit and my blender ready because it’s Friday, baby!

Cuteness overload!

Thursday, May 18th, 2006


Eeeeeek! Too! Darned! Cute! I have this soft spot in my heart for little girls in pretty dresses. Sure, when I have daughters, I’m going to let them wear overalls every day if they want to, but on holidays you better believe I’m going to subject them to major frills and frippery. Like this super flower girl dress from Fox’n Lily. The bodice is silk dupioni. The skirt is composed of “two generously gathered layers of airy silk crinkled chiffon.” The sash is also silk dupioni and is accented in the back by a large flower of matching silk.

I love the color of the sash, which has a slight shimmer to it. But, for those whose tastes differ from my own, the sash can be had in fifteen other beautiful hues. Parents (or brides) can choose between three neckline options: scoop, rounded, and bateau.

My favorite part about Fox’n Lily? They don’t spackle their little models with pounds of make up like some other kids clothing companies.

Vows from the heart

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Having trouble penning your vows?

Because the love two people feel for one another is special and unique, and different from all the loves that will come before or after, many couples choose to write their own wedding vows. Many of us, no doubt, have contemplated tossing the traditional religious vows and penning our own. So what’s stopping us?

Well, remember the hell you went through trying to write a compelling speech during elections for middle school class president? This is worse. How many TV shows, both comedic and dramatic, have made use of plot lines where loving but tongue-tied brides and grooms have tried and failed to write original wedding vows? Or have left it until the very last minute with hilarious results? The long and the short of it is: Writing vows is hard.

If you really, really, really want to write your own vows, you may want those vows to answer questions like: What is the most wonderful quality you’ve seen in your spouse to be? When did you realize she or her was the one for you? What does marriage mean to you? How has your vision of the perfect spouse evolved over the years and how does your spouse to be fit into that vision? You may also want to include some personal memories in your vows or discuss how you’ve grown together as a couple.

Ultimate wedding offers the following tips

  • Don’t embarrass your friends and family with details that are too intimate or lengthy.
  • Sincerity is the key; the words should come from your heart.
  • Decide whether or not the two of you will recite the same vows or different ones.
  • Incorporate your wedding guests into your vows by having them responded with their blessings and support.
  • Discuss your personal vows with your officiant beforehand.
  • Read your vows out loud, which is a surprisingly effective way to catch errors, glitches, or awkward phrasing.

If you hit a roadblock, consider consulting a romantic books and poems for inspiration. Advice tomes like The Everything Wedding Vows Book, Promises to Keep : Crafting Your Wedding Ceremony, and A World of Ways to Say I Do : Unique Vows, Readings, and Poems to Make Your Wedding Day Your Own can help you put your thoughts onto paper if you get tongue-tied.

Little bundles of cakey joy

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

For brides and grooms who want to feature something whimsical and fun on their dessert buffets, there are always cupcakes. Cuter than the traditional wedding cake, cupcakes are like little bundles of cakey joy. And, for the nuptial do-it-yourselfers, cupcakes represent a project much less strenuous than wedding cake construction.

So petite and pretty

These gorgeous, colorful cupcakes are from Cupcake Royale in Seattle. If you’re in the area or nearby, they’ll happily whip up a batch of wedding-ready cupcakes in orange, mocha, lavender, coconut, lemon, peppermint, and more. Um, yum?

A flower good enough to eat

Sarah of Jinjur created these lovely cupcakes and gave readers a few tips on how to recreate them.

Brides and grooms eager to try their hand at cupcake making – and I recommend baking and decorating batch after batch until you’re sure you’ve got it down before the wedding – should check these out:

The Artful Cupcake : Baking & Decorating Delicious Indulgences

The Artful Cupcake gives novice cupcakers the step by step directions they need to create elegant, grownup cupcakes.

Betty Crocker Decorating Cakes and Cupcakes (Betty Crocker Books)

In Betty Crocker’s Decorating Cakes and Cupcakes, everyone’s favorite fictitious bakerwoman comes to the rescue again. The designs in this book are simpler and good for those who’ve never tried their hands at funky frosting creations.