Lace I can love

Wonderfully feminine

No, Angelina Jolie isn’t getting married. If she was, I’m sure every man, woman, and child would know about it. No doubt folks in developing nations would be the first to know. Anyway, the above image was taken on the set of the upcoming De Niro-directed flick, The Good Shepherd. If you can ignore her horrendously bony arms for a minute here folks, I want you to look at her dress.

I LOVE that dress. I LOVE IT! It’s lacey and demure yet visually interesting. Understated yet very classy. And it has cap sleeves that don’t look absolutely ridiculous. However, my attempts to discover who created the dress resulted only in my fruitlessly slogging through fake Angelina Jolie MySpace pages, gossip sites, and so forth. Which is okay, I suppose, considering that I’d probably look like Moby Dick wrapped up in the world’s largest tablecloth if I wore such a dress. But I can dream, can’t I?


UPDATE: The lovely Liz informed me that this isn’t the dress the producers of The Good Shepherd ended up using during filming. The dress that actually appears in the movie came from Cherished, a vintage bridal salon. The lace nunber above may also have come from Cherished, but I’ll have to see what other info I can dig up.

11 Responses to “Lace I can love”

  1. Mary says:

    I love that Dress!!! Angelina Jolie is one of the few celebrities that wears cap sleeves (various UN outfits) I think she wears alot of Nicole Miller??? Even though its for a movie, it might be Nicole Miller.
    Lovely. I shudder at what it would cost at a shop, but just lovely.

  2. Kourtney says:

    Never, my dear – don’t be foolish! And no more Moby Dick references unless you talking about a real Ahab of a saleswoman.
    This would probably be an excellent gown to have made. Simple lines, the most notable concern would be finding an approriate lace & then buying the oh, 6-10 meters required. I think it’d be flattering on a lot of body types, although the waistline yoke length might need some massaging. And you could even put a soft pastel under the lace for a gentle hit of color.

  3. Twistie says:

    I’m going to agree with Kourtney. It’s really a good style for a wide variety of body types. A tiny adjustment here, and little care with a seam there, and voila! Most women could at minimum carry it off. A lot would look really terrific in it.

    The key here is the fabric. If you’re going to do it in lace, find a lace that will look good in that amount. Skimp on the quality there and you may end up looking like the infamous (and far less successful) follow-up to Scarlet’s curtain gown: her grandma’s table linens gown. Find the right lace, and it’ll be both sumptuous and exquisite.

    Oh, and I agree with Kourtney about the color underneath, too. Even a second shade of white could be really spectacular if you pick it right, but a hint of ice blue or buttercup yellow would be lucious and much easier to pull off.

  4. jenny says:

    I’ve loved this dress, too. I also saw a photo of Ashley Judd in a similar lovely white lace dress several times last week and have been lusting after it (the dress, that is; not Ashley Judd). It’s more structured and slightly less “girly” than Angelina’s, but I think that it’d be gorgeous for someone looking for a more tailored lace. I mean, picture it with a wider sash, maybe in light blue or taupe satin…

  5. is it just me or does A.Jolie look like her arm is freakishly long in this picture?

  6. Never teh Bride says:

    Ack, Dataceptionist, now that you’ve said that I can’t help staring at them! Her arms are totally freaking me out!

  7. Stacy says:

    Very beautiful!

    I’ve been wedding dress shopping (well, online; I haven’t braved a salon yet) and I’m so drawn to the lace dresses. I don’t know why. I’m not really a lace girl. But good lace like that…. and covering the whole dress. I would totally wear a dress like that.

  8. jj says:

    Wow… I love it, I love it, I love it! And I love it even more with Twistie’s idea of a buttercup colored lining. *swoon*

    It makes me want to get married again. In a big grassy field with an armfull of daisies.

  9. Sarah says:

    It may be a vintage dress, since The Good Sheparad is set in the 1940s, but you might check to see who the costume designer on the movie was.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Hi All:

    This lovely lace dress is actually a Debutant dress for a socialite’s ‘coming out’, or debut into society. It’s from the 1930s – very different from the wedding gowns of the era. This dress would have been considered completely inappropriate (too girlish) for a wedding dress back then.

    Ms. Jolie wears a gown from my shop, Cherished online Vintage Bridal Salon, for her wedding to Matt Damon in The Good Shepherd, to be released in December. You can see it in the 1930s section under “Gowns” at

    The costumer designer for the movie is Ann Roth – noted mainly for her work on Broadway. The lace dress ya’ll love is definitely a vintage piece, however.

  11. All the old stuff I wore as a child is coming back. Kinda scary and makes you feel old, but it looks great most of the time.