Fantasy? Romance? Romantasy!

It will hug you in all the right places

I love a good corset. Good corsets, in my opinion, deserve to be shown off. Sure, you can hide them under a gown–or anything else, really. But why would you want to? A corset sewn right and constructed of a gorgeous fabric can be absolutely fabulous! There are, of course, corset-top gowns and then there are gowns that incorporate actual corsets made by individuals experienced in the art of corsetmaking.

If your dream gown includes an integrated corset–or is a two piece affair–you’ll want to have it made. Trust me. Off-the-rack corsets can be uncomfortable. A corset made to fit your unique dimensions will support you in all the right spots. The gown above (Look! A Real bride!) was custom made for the wearer by Romantasy, a company specializing in corsetry.

Many corsetmakers offer corsets from different eras. I, myself, love 18th century corsets, which Rossetti Gowns in the UK do particularly well. You can also try Isabella Costumiere, which makes gorgeous custom bridal corsets and gowns. Yum!

If, like me, you love corsets, you have to check out Corsets: A Visual History. It’s divine!

9 Responses to “Fantasy? Romance? Romantasy!”

  1. Ninjarina says:

    She looks great in her dress!

    P.S. Thanks for the Rossetti Costumes link b/c if it’s one thing I love as much as oggling bridal gowns, it’s ballet costumes!

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Agreed, Ninjarina. That is one of the perks of having a dress made to your specs. Unfortunately, such personalized service tends to be priiiiiiicey!

  3. Mcmiller says:

    If anyone here checks out Isabella’s website, the picture next to her “custom corsets” link is a friend of mine. I was MOH in her wedding and she told me all about the process, including the many revisions Isabella made to the design to make it wearable. (Originally it had long sleeves that proved too heavy in practice and the whole corset went through the mail about 5 times.) The total cost was about $350 I believe – she made the skirt herself – but pretty darn reasonable for that level of service and multiple revisions. The prices may have gone up, but it’s still less than most off-the-rack designs and it sure looks better.

    If you go with something like that, think longer than normal lead time… like, a year isn’t too much.

  4. Never teh Bride says:

    Good advice, Mcmiller. Getting the fit right isn’t a one-time deal. And now I can’t figure out why the link isn’t working…

  5. jenny says:

    This dress is an absolute work of art. Honestly. I mean, look how beautifully it fits this woman! And she looks breathtaking in it—even without full hair & makeup. Like something from a Sargent portrait…

  6. I love the corsets at Fairy Goth Mother in the UK; a friend has one and it is breathtaking (in a good way; not in that “it’s laced so tight I can’t breathe” way!).

    If I were going to wear a corset gown, I’d wear one of theirs!

  7. Never teh Bride says:

    Those are so gorgeous, Style Grad! And hellsa sexy!

  8. Twistie says:

    Wow! Those Rosetti Gowns 18th century corsets are absolutely perfect!

    I don’t generally do the corset thing because I like to breathe deeply, but I do appreciate a well-made one on someone else. Thanks for the great links!

  9. enygma says:

    Corsets look nice now, but it’s pretty horrifying to think of what women went through for smaller waists back in the day. I remember reading about how some women ended up fracturing their ribs and puncturing organs because.