Better bridal foundations

I love Spanx. And as a fairly recent Spanx convert, when a reader asked me to recommend some “serious, comfortable, sweat absorbing panties” she could wear under a two-ton, multi-layer, hot as heck wedding gown, I immediately said, “Spanx.” Sure, lace and frills are great on your wedding night, but do you really want to layer a fairly complex get-up like the Honeymoon Collection ‘Something Blue’ corset set

It\'s already got plenty of laces, tabs, and snaps to last a lifetime

Under something like this weighty Reem Acra gown in satin?

Complex enough, dontcha think?

Not that you could, of course. I’m just using it as an extreme example. Considering that many wedding gowns feature a mind-boggling assortment of ties, ribbons, beads, bustles, and so forth, why make wedding day dressing more daunting by adding in another later of complexity? Not to mention that putting a multi-layer undergarment underneath a multi-layer gown is a recipe for peak-level perspiration.

Spanx to the rescue!

Spanx Power Panties with Tummy Control 004

The Hide & Sleek Lace Trim panty even has a pretty bit of Italian lace that camouflages its heavy-duty, moisture-wicking, tummy-shaping intentions.

Then again, if you’re all for function over form, I’d advise future brides to consider underwear made specifically for runners. Panties like the Lavinia Activewear seamless brief are going to keep you sweat free and line free while staying where they are meant to, IYKWIM.

Oh, and the reader above is one of the smartest brides-to-be on earth, IMO. Sensible yet sexy, she plans to covertly change out of her utility undies and into something more eye-catching for the, ahem, wedding afterparty.

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