A-head of the rest, har har

Don’t like the bridal tiaras you see in the stores? Yeah, me neither. Too busy. Plus, brides do not equal homecoming queens. Or maybe you found the perfect headband tiara only to wish it was a few inches smaller and a comb-style tiara instead? The easy answer to your quandary is: Have a tiara made especially for you.

Insert more head jokes here.

The ladies at The Younique Boutique will custom make a tiara based on your choice of base color (gold or silver tone), crystal color and quality (Swarovski or Czech), and pearl color. The Bethany style (shown above) is flexible, lightweight, and versatile, as it can be constructed as a 2.5 inch mini comb, a six inch comb, a nine inch tiara, or 14 inch halo or bun wrap.

With plenty of pearl colors to choose from (ivory, rose, light blue, lilac, mint green, midnight blue, pink, burgundy, and more) as well a boatload of potential crystal colors (amethyst, pink, light sapphire, sapphire, peridot, dark amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, ruby, garnet, and jet black, among others), you can match your tiara to your gown, your bouquet, your attendant’s colors, or even your eyes!

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