Chilly but happy

There\'s nothing like a little coverage

Now that things are getting a little chilly, at least in my neck of the woods, my thoughts run toward formal wear that has a little more substance. Not that the sleeves on this gorgeous Maggie Sottero Delustered Satin gown will do much to keep your arms warm. But, hey, it’s better than nothing, right? I’d probably suck it up and freeze for a chance to wear it, as it has a lot to offer, including detachable three-quarter illusion sleeves, a corset back and a chapel train. The bodice detailing alone would make a frosty trip down the aisle worth it – think Swarovski crystals, seed beads, sequins, and bugle beads. And it comes in a wide range of hue combos, like white with pewter accents and light gold.

Conclusion: This gown won’t keep you toasty but it will make you happy!

8 Responses to “Chilly but happy”

  1. RZA says:

    Ooh. I tried that dress on last weekend, and it is just as lovely in person. And very flattering on someone who is NOT shaped like the model. But you’re absolutely right — those sleeves aren’t keeping anyone warm!

  2. Twistie says:

    Ooooh, pretty. (pets gown) And I speak as someone who hates the thought of dealing with hoops!

    Sure, those sleeves won’t keep anyone warm, but there’s more than one reason to have sleeves, and those would be lovely for a lot of brides who don’t want to go strapless through modesty or flabby upper arms! Or just because (dare I even hint at such a thought!) they like sleeves!!!

  3. Jezebella says:

    ooh, pretty! I guess it’s all the sleeve we could hope for. I was watching “The Wedding Singer” the other night for the zillionth time, and noticed Drew Barrymore’s lovely simple dress had short almost-cap sleeves. It was very NOT Eighties, I have to say, but it was precious. If I needed a wedding dress I think I might have to track that one down.

  4. gorgeous, how tiny is she though!

  5. Never teh Bride says:

    Yay, RZA! I love getting the IRL confirmation of the loveliness of these gowns!

  6. patient one says:

    I love the top. It’s a very elegant yet simple design. However, I’ve never been crazy about floor length dresses. Is it possible to find a wedding dress that ends say, mid calf or am I in white bridesmaid dress territory at that point?

  7. Never teh Bride says:

    Patient one, your vision of a tea length wedding dress is not just a dream. I’ll have a look and see what’s out there.

  8. sweetpea says:

    I fell in love with this dress when I tried it on last month. And I’m no skinny model (I’m a size 16). It looked FABULOUS on me!!! I think it looked better on me than it does on the model. She’s almost overwhelmed by material. Not me! Now I just have to go pick the color and then order it for next summer. No sleeves for me, though. I think it looks better without them, but then again, I’m not specifically looking to cover my arms… Anyway, just had to share my happy story when I saw your dress pic.