Hair, minghun, secret messages, and the Super Bowl

Soft and loose is always a good choice

If you’re in the market for hairstyle inspiration, you’re in luck. The ever wonderful SterlingSpider sent me a link to a web page full of images of up-do’s, loose styles, and everything in between. When I say ‘full of images,’ I mean that it is wicked image heavy, so keep in mind that the page may take a while to load. Also, it appears to be in Polish.

This is an old story but too interesting not to highlight: To ensure a bachelor son’s contentment in the afterlife, Chinese parents will search for a dead woman to be his bride and, once a corpse is obtained, bury the pair together as a married couple. Apparently, the practice of pairing off dead offspring through posthumous nuptials (called minghun) is common in China, where grieving parents will burn paper representations of luxury goods to ensure that their kids are bling-bling’un it up in the afterlife.

In case you hadn’t already heard (and then, lucky you) Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise fill finally tie the knot on November 18 in Italy. Holmes will walk down the aisle wearing a gown designed by the fabulous Giorgio Armani. Will Holmes’ parents attend? Will Xenu come down from the heavens to condemn the union? I guess we’ll find out!

I hope they do live happily ever after!

If you haven’t already had a gander at the Taköhl treasure ring (kudos to the reader who sent the link!), go check out the Taköhl web site. Each white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, green gold, or platinum ring is crafted of two individual pieces – a hinged band opens to display a hidden custom message. I love them!

Finally, remember my post featuring a selection of money grubbing…er…marketting web sites created by brides and grooms looking for financial assistance? The Hopeful Honeymooners have made $4360 (out of $10,000). The Wedding On A Penny people have collected 158,214 pennies (out of two million). And the Grooms Gift grew to $72.90. The newest gimmick I’ve seen comes from a man who hopes to raise enough money through donations (no ads here) to buy a Super Bowl ad time slot and then propose to his girlfriend on a Super Bowl commercial. He claims he has raised a whopping $61,931…which sounds like a lot but only represents about 3% of the cost of one of those ad spots.

2 Responses to “Hair, minghun, secret messages, and the Super Bowl”

  1. those rings are so cool! I wish I’d seen one earlier!

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Right? At first I didn’t care for them because of the line running around the middle. But then they grew on me 🙂