Seating simply

The mysterious Srah of srah blah blah sent me a link some time ago to SimpleSeating. If you’re like me and the notion of writing out a seating chart makes you break out in hives, you may like it. The site lets users create seating charts online using a drag and drop application. There is no software to install and the seating chart SimpleSeating provides includes RSVP and dietary restriction info for each guest.

It looks like this…except bigger:

You could just draw it...

The app walkthrough on the site is not yet functional, unfortunately. So I signed up to see what it was all about. Making a seating chart for up to 50 guests is free…and if your wedding is larger than that and you want to buck the cost, I imagine you could divide your space into two, three, or four rectangles and then create seating charts for each. Of course, that would be stealing and we all know stealing is wrong. Right?

When I tried to drop my faux wedding guest list to 48, it wouldn’t let me. The first step had me creating new guest profiles. I kind of liked that vegetarian was the default option…though others might not fancy that so much. Nine was the top number of “party members” I could include in each entry. Then it was on to dragging and dropping tables and chairs into a sort of grid thing. Finally, I shoved my virtual guests’ virtual behinds into said chairs.

Easy? Yes. I love how I can just move the little people all around as much as I want to.

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  1. srah says:

    Mysterious? Moi? Nah, long-time reader, first-time link-sender. 🙂

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    SHHHH, it’s for effect 😉

  3. srah says:


  4. srah says:

    I thought I was mysterious because I had let my blog’s front page go blank. So when I got back from vacation I had to come up with things to write so that the HORDES OF VISITORS from this blog would not be disappointed. (Not that I have seen any hordes, but a friend suggested that there might be hordes.)