The (almost) mid-week variety hour

The alway-fabulous Sterlingspider sent me this example of what a little advanced planning can accomplish:

Too lighthearted for ya? Sharp-eyed Julie found this video, which is either an example of a semi-funny fake or a true (yet avoidable) wedding day disaster. You decide.

Twistie, who rocks, pointed out this…questionable gown on

Some take their obsessions too far

And, finally, the lovely M. offers up this poignant warning:

N.t.B., please remind your readers that if they order a dress at a store, they should go to see it right away, even if their first fitting isn’t for a while.

M., smart cookie that she is, ordered her dress nine months ahead of time. A move to another state and various other “real life” issues made getting to the salon for a looksee a difficult proposition, however. Unfortunately, when she went in for her first fitting and the clerk unzipped the garment bag, she was dismayed to discover that IT WAS THE WRONG DRESS. Luckily, the salon is working with her to get the right dress, on time.

5 Responses to “The (almost) mid-week variety hour”

  1. JaneC says:

    A friend of mine go married last October. She ordered her dress from a bridal store. The first one that came was missing a lot of the beading, so they sent it back. The second one that came was six inches too short, and there wasn’t enough of a hem to let down, so they sent it back. The third dress delivered was a size too small, but it was only two weeks until the wedding at that point, so the store’s seamstress took the zipper out of the back and gave it a corset-style back, so it would be big enough. Thankfully it was a style of dress that looked good with a corset back, and corset backs are sort of in style now.

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Wow, JaneC, what a fiasco that must have been!

  3. mkb says:

    As M’s fiance I am purging JaneC’s story from my head.

  4. bienchen says:

    My calculus class also did the dance moves from Thriller for our high schools annual talent show. It was hilarious!

  5. Ninjarina says:

    LoL, I can only imagine how hard it was for the bride to move in her dress. That does beat ever single choreographed waltz I’ve ever seen.