Warm weather dreams, cold weather realities

Um, my hard drive croaked on Friday, which means it’s gonna be slim pickins until the tech people get my new one sent out and I no longer have to use The Beard’s machine. My old hard drive had tons and tons of links to great gowns, jewelry, vendors, and such, so it’s a real bummer for me to have to go out and grab all those again. Maybe the whole data retrieval thing will pan out. Until I know more, though, my posts will probably be a little shorter than usual.

LDS Wedding Gown White Size 14

Brrrr, it’s cold where I am. This Millennial Sun almost-temple-ready number looks like just the thing for brides who are ::shudder:: getting married in the dead of winter. But, personally, I’m dreaming of the days when it’s once again warm enough to don a dress like this momma-friendly (i.e. maternity) dress from Nicole Michelle:

The 2pc Lace Wedding Gown Medium White

4 Responses to “Warm weather dreams, cold weather realities”

  1. Pencils says:

    I rather like that modest wedding dress. Frequently they’re pretty ugly, they look like beaded white satin T-shirts with ballgown skirts attached. I saw one for sale on eBay–it’s probably still there–that was just hideous. It’s a Casablanca gown that they probably custom altered to be temple-ready. I think it was strapless originally. They gave it a high, round jewel neck and long, tight sleeves, and took the beading that would normally be on the bodice and put it around the neck, over the collarbones and shoulders. It’s awful! So hideous. It would have looked better if they gave it a high neck instead of the jewel neck. I’m at work and can’t look on eBay, but search in the wedding dress area for “Casablanca” and you’ll find it. It’s on sale by a bridal salon, so I’m assuming that some modest bride ordered it and then refused to pay the balance when she saw how hideous the customization came out!

  2. Nony Mouse says:

    Those are NOT the ankles of a pregnant woman.

  3. The future Mrs. Cassady says:

    I like the simple yet chic gowns you supply. Where can I get some prices?

    Thank you,
    Soon to be……. Mrs. Cassady =)

  4. To the soon to be Mrs. Cassady, most of the time you can just click on the pics to get more info!