Put your heiny here, please

Ugh, seating charts. Who has the time to spend lovingly crafting them using Quark or somesuch? Not me! I plan to let people sit where they darn well please — something I’ve noticed everyone ends up doing anyway after briefly checking out their assigned seats.

If you would prefer to plant everyone’s butts where you feel they belong, however, seating charts are the way to go. Below you’ll find an example piece from Documents and Designs’ attractive and expensive monogram seating chart selection:

Mmmmm, pretty

Don’t like it? There are plenty more where this came from. And, if you’re not keen on the notion of spending upwards of $170 for a poster, I bet you anyone with a bit of graphic design knowledge could easily replicate these designs for you 😉 But, shhhh, don’t tell anyone *I* suggested the idea.

6 Responses to “Put your heiny here, please”

  1. Twistie says:

    I’ve been to a couple weddings with carefully ordered seating charts, but I have to say I’ve never seen one of those weddings not wind up with someone being mortally offended about where they – or someone else – got seated.

    The more I hear of seating woes, the happier I am that I just had a buffet and let my guests (and even the wedding party!) seat themselves wherever they liked. One less headache in advance for me, and probably a dozen less later on.

    Best of luck to those of you doing seating charts.

  2. Riona says:

    Actually I have to speak up in favor of organized seating.

    I’ve been to a few occasions where I found myself wandering around w/ a plate of food asking: “Sorry, is that seat taken? It is? OK, thanks” until I found a place to sit. (Obviously it depends on the size of your crowd and how well everybody knows each other.) So in the end, although we had a buffet, we did have a table plan (but once they got to their assigned tables, they sat where they wanted …) It seemed to work out okay.

  3. Never teh Bride says:

    A little from column A and a little from column B tends to work wonders where seating vs. non-seating is concerned, methinks.

  4. C* says:

    Riona~ that’s what we’re planning on doing at my wedding in September. Everyone will have an assigned table because my family & friends don’t know my fiance’s family & friends very well and I want them to be able to mingle. I have definitely been the person who can’t find a table and it is not very much fun. Hopefully our guests will like it…NtB is right: a little from column A & and little from column B. 🙂

  5. Dianasaur says:

    We’re just having the bridal party and parents at assigned tables, everything else is free for all. Of course, our location is indoor/outdoor with a fun mishmash of tables, chairs, benches, pews and rocking chairs. That makes it a lot easier to not worry about seating.

  6. deja pseu says:

    We wanted people to be comfortable and have fun, so we had a buffet and everyone sat where they durn well pleased. I can see having assigned seating if you’re having a multi-course served meal and people had pre-selected an entree, but other than that, I think people prefer to choose their own seats.