Monday Miscellany

I don’t really read bridal magazines — though I’ll gleefully pore over what amounts to the same content online. I did, however, find a big stack of mags intended for the recycling bin in front of the building next door to my own. I snapped them up and multiple copies of these are what I found:

Something BlueBridal GuideHawaii Bride & Groom

I think the woman on the leftmost cover has a headache. Anyway, are Hawaiian weddings really popular to warrant whole magazines…or could it be that sneaky publishers know that there are brides without a snowball’s chance in heck of marrying in Hawaii who will still want to look at the pretty pictures. Do you gals subscribe to any of these magazines? Or do/did you do most of your wedding-related browsing online, like me?

Plugged your stats into BrideAudit™ yet? Going Bridal, with the aid of your answers to a few simple questions, will help you “analyze the assets of your guests, decide their appropriate level of giving, and provide you with invoices that you can include in your invitations.” If you think that’s just plain icky, please remember that it’s a joke. And also, for my sanity, remember that guests are not required to cover the cost of their plates. Where that erroneous bit of lore came from is beyond me.

And, finally, here is a shocking expose of tacky wedding behavior courtesy of shuniah, a member of Indie Brides:

I was at a wedding today, and they auctioned off the brides garter! The MC announced the auction before dinner, then announced it again before the speeches. I was thinking, “Hmmm…maybe it’s a “joke” auction or the money is for charity“…but nope. The DJ badgered people, saying because we’d all had such a great (rubber chicken) dinner, we could help the bride and groom out! It was…odd. And I was shocked.

The bride sat in the middle of the room on a chair — the more people bid, the further the groom could slide the garter down her leg. The DJ kept egging the crowd on — most of us just sat there looking kind of embarrassed.

I don’t know whose idea this was, but I didn’t even do a garter toss because I was too shy. I can’t imagine sitting there for 15 minutes with my dress hiked up to my thigh.

Um, wow. And by wow, I of course mean yuck.

8 Responses to “Monday Miscellany”

  1. Stacy says:

    Um, yuck. To my mother’s dismay, we had no garter or bouquet toss at our wedding (two weeks ago!). She finally chilled out about it when I pointed out we had maybe 4 single guests invited, and I hated it anyway. I can’t even fathom having an auction of it. Not to mention.. how creepy! Everyone had a good time without it.

    As for the magazines, I bought one or two, and obtained a couple at bridal shows. I cut them up for photos, which I promptly lost. Most of my research was done online. Most bridal magazines say the same thing.. over and over. You already know this. They only show outrageously expensive weddings, too. I got better advice talking to people.

  2. Twistie says:

    When I was married, back in the Dark Ages, this whole internet thing was a closed book to me, so I bought piles of magazines. However, most of them I just looked at the pretties and mocked the silly and they were more about entertainment to me than planning.

    There’s been a trend for at least the last few years to publish geographically-specific wedding magazines. For instance, here in the San Francisco area, you can get Northern California Bride (I think I got the name right, but don’t quote me). I think it’s yet another way to wrest the reluctant buck from the harried bride.

    As for a garter auction…just when you think you’ve heard the last word in tasteless, along comes something even worse.

  3. Pencils says:

    Garter auction? Shudder. Maybe, maybe, if it’s for charity and the bride’s a bit of an exhibitionist. We’re not having a garter or bouquet toss, I’m not even getting a garter at all. There will be stockings, but the garters are attached to my merry widow and that ain’t coming off until the wedding night! I think the entire garter toss thing is incredibly tacky, and the bouquet toss can be cute but it’s more likely to be embarrassing to the singles. At my cousin’s wedding some years ago, she tossed the bouquet right at another single cousin and me. The funny part was how the other cousin and I each dove in opposite directions *away* from the bouquet. And now, we’re both getting married within a few months of each other.

    But I do enjoy bridal magazines. I don’t think I’ve learned much from any, except from Martha’s, but I like the pretty pictures and I have a long train commute.

  4. C* says:

    My fiance and I still haven’t decided if we are doing the bouquet/garter thing at our wedding. I am kind of indifferent but we do have a lot of single friends and I think it might be fun…meh…we’ll decide later!

    I am guilty of purchasing a few bridal magazines but only at the very beginning of my engagement (which is 16 months total). Since I actually started planning I haven’t bought one. They make me kind of depressed about all the stuff we can’t do at our wedding. 🙂

  5. I was given about 15 magazines by newly married friends which was great for flicking and feeling engaged at the beginning, I bought myself one new one but I was glad I didn’t have to buy more as they’re SO expensive!!! Don’t know how they compare in Oz to in the US, but here they cost four or five more times than a normal mag, or about 3 to 4 times the price of a Cosmo/Cleo. Ridiculous.
    All my real searching was done online though.
    And after I got married I happily passed on all my mags to my newly engaged friend which she was happy to accept.

  6. Dianasaur says:

    weird, I thought I commented on this but must have accidentally not put it through. Anyway, I find that wedding magazines tend to be mostly ads, and the little content they have is filled with product placement. I much prefer the internet. As for the Hawaii magazine, I am from Hawaii originally, and it’s a very popular wedding destination. Most of the larger weddings are for visitors from Japan. But, I’ve had several people getting married there tell me it actually saved them money because only a few close friends/family members could afford to fly out there. Then they just stay there for the honeymoon. Of course most hotels have wedding packages with honeymoon discounts if you do your wedding through them. Even the dinky, cheaper hotels hold weddings at their swimming pools!
    The garter auction is just tacky. I personally didn’t want a garter toss, until I found out my fiance really wanted to. But he is perfectly okay with it not being the garter I actually wear. I certainly can’t imagine using it to get money. And I grew up in a culture where the “money dance” is at every wedding (though we won’t have one). Maybe if it was auctioned for their favorite charity or something.

  7. Brava97 says:

    That’s just gross. I did not do a garter toss, but I did throw a bouquet. My husband’s 9-year-old niece — who was my junior bridesmaid — caught it. I have some great photos to put together for her when she marries.

  8. meels says:

    Wouldn’t the garder auction be some kind of spin-off from the “money dance” which is so popular in lots of other cultures? (Italian weddings come to mind) It’s common for people pay money to have a dance with either the bride or groom, or I’ve also heard of the groom’s tie being cut into pieces and sold as well. These traditions are all from the idea that the couple would need monetary help to set up their new household – they throw you the party, you cough up the cash – usually in the US this is buying the couple hugely expensive gifts from a registry. A garder auction isn’t particularly to my taste… the chinese I suppose do it best (and most straightforwardly), with their red and gold envelopes. I imagine one would have to guage their audience/guest list a little better and see if such activities would be appropriate.