Packaging matters

I’m a big fan of all things self-contained. I like seal-and-send invitations because there aren’t a lot of pesky little cards and things that can get lost in, say, a messy desk. Second on my invitation faves list are self mailers, where the envelope itself makes up a vital part of the invitation design and color scheme.


The four shown above, which can be found at Now & Forever (a detail that matters very little, as most online invitation print shops carry the exact same stationary with minor variations in price, just so ya know), feature built-in pockets for your maps, reception cards, or anything else you might want to include.

2 Responses to “Packaging matters”

  1. Jhong Ren says:

    these can be very nice cards for wedding invitations..many times the guests just dispose them after the effort put in by the wedding couple…can be a waste too..but this doesn’t stop us from planning to the best we can.

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Tell me about it, Jhong Ren. I always feel a little guilty recycling the invitations I’ve received for friends’ weddings. But if I were to save them all, my drawers would be overflowing!