Was it a LARGE wedding?

Can I get a BIG congratulations for the world’s tallest man and his new wife?


Inner Mongolian herdsman Bao Xishun measures in at seven-foot nine and once saved two dolphins lives by pulling debris out of their tummies. Twenty-eight-year-old Xia Shujian measures in at five-foot-six and works as a sales attendant. Together, they fight crime. No, wait, that’s not right. They probably spend most of their time doing neck stretches.

The Beijing news reports:

Xishum advertised his wishes to get married around the world to possible bride-to-be. “After a long and careful selection, the effort has been finally paid off,” [Xishum said]. Even though advertisements for his marriage propositions were sent round the world, his 28-year-old bride is from his hometown of Chifeng.

Not the way I’d go about gettin’ hitched, but different strokes and all that. I hope they have a long, happy marriage and conceive many long-limbed children.

One Response to “Was it a LARGE wedding?”

  1. Annalucia says:

    And here the Annalucia thought she had difficulties in that she is but five-foot-five and the Tedesco is six-foot-six. Neck stretches will definitely be required, and it will probably be impossible for Mr. Bao and Ms Xia to dance together comfortably, though perhaps swing-dancing is not in vogue among the Mongolians.

    Nonetheless the Annalucia joins the NTB in wishing them a long and happy union. And she hopes that the lovely Ms Xia will find a flattering color with which to stock her wedding trousseau. The brown, it does nothing for her.