Disney Does Weddings

So those Disney princess inspired gowns I mentioned a while back? Turns our they’re neither princessy, nor particularly inspired. Thanks to all of the wonderful people who pointed me toward links with photos, I found out that the Disney gowns look pretty much like your run of the mill gown. I’m no Disneyphile, but I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed!

Yet, as bridal designer Kirstie Kelly points out, “inspired by” doesn’t mean gowns that look like they came from the animated movies Instead the designs attempt to channel the personality of each princess in terms suitable for a real-life, modern woman.

Just about anything produced with the “real-life woman” in mind is good in my book. So let’s see how they look in the context of Belle, Jasmine, the Little Mermaid, and Snow White.


I don’t know…they’re nice. But I’m just not feeling it in the context of Disney. I think hardcore Disneyphiles are going to be bummed by these designs because they don’t go far enough, while ladies who only sort of care about Disney (which seems to be the target demo here) aren’t even going to think about the line when scoping prospective wedding wear. Overall, I give the whole idea a big fat yawn.

21 Responses to “Disney Does Weddings”

  1. C* says:

    I agree. I don’t find any of them particularly attractive. I think the first one is hideous…I’m not a fan of pickups in general but these ones look really sloppy to me.

  2. srah says:

    If they hadn’t picked a sort of vaguely ethnic-in-some-way model for the Jasmine dress and a redhead for the Ariel one I don’t think I would have guessed which dresses they were supposed to be. The top of the Snow White dress looks like a basket.

  3. Dianasaur says:

    Interesting, I can see how the Belle and Little Mermaid dresses are inspired by those characters. The other two, not so much. Maybe the Snow White one is to represent the basket that the wicked witch carried the poison apples in!

  4. Twistie says:

    All in all…I sort of think the second one is pretty in an awfully slip-like fashion and I sort of like the bust detailing on the fourth, but I think the line as a whole is disappointing on all fronts. They don’t say ‘Disney’ and they aren’t especially pretty or unusual.

    I give this collection a big snore.

    Oh, and that first one has to be one of the ten ugliest dresses for any ocassion I’ve ever seen. Ick.

  5. Monica the tiara chick says:

    I agree. I was really looking forward to this line (no bridal plans myself, I just like Disneyana; also I make tiaras and would have loved to get some new inspiration!) and could not believe how beige this line is.

    Having just sat with a friend through getting a wedding gown made so that she wasn’t forced to show her arms, I was also surprised that this entire line, start to finish, has cap sleeves or less. I know bare arms are trendy for brides, but I bet some women would have looked to this line thinking they’d finally have more options in the long sleeve department.

    Oh well. Hope whoever wears these dresses has much joy!

  6. Shazza says:

    That second one doesnt even look like it was fitted properly around her bust. And snore indeed.

  7. Ash says:

    Fit does seem to be an issue on all of them. I’m feeling the first one though (it feels very belle-ballgown to me), tho I’m thinking a push up bra would’ve helped.

  8. sterlingspider says:

    Actually I kinda like the Snow White one, though it doesn’t say either wedding dress or Snow White to me.

  9. JaneC says:

    The model for the first one needs a better bra or something. The dress is a little weird. And the second dress has buttons down the side, because every woman needs detailing to draw attention to the widest part of her hip. Right. As you said, yawn.

  10. Caitlin says:

    Oh dear, that second Jasmine-y one is just terribly fitted, and the seams down the front look sloppy and pucker-y. Not a good showing, Disney.

  11. beeble says:

    I’m unimpressed with the gowns. They seem a little too run of the mill even with their context of Disney. I was hoping that they would be a little more over the top and Disneyish to distinguish themselves from the thousands of other gowns out there.

  12. cortneyc says:

    I looooove the 1st one! It’s so Belle and so pretty….with a few modifications. I’m thinking I may have to reconstruct the neckline, but I’m a fair seamstress so it should turn out okay with a couple of gathers and the like. The back of the dress is so pretty that it’s a shame to have the front look like that! Time to change it!

  13. Leah says:

    I get the Disney inspiration when I’m looking for it, but if these were hanging on a rack/in a look book I would just flip past them. Not that I would really want to walk down the aisle looking like I was executing the very wedding I planned at age six, but for Disney buffs it sounded like a cute idea. But they were neither far enough out there into Disney literalism or beautiful and special enough on their own merits to be counted as a success. I would have expected at least a mermaid/fishtail style skirt for the little mermaid… Come on, any of the dresses she wears as a two-legger in that movie are hardly memorable. All in all, I join the chorus of snore.

  14. Sarah says:

    I LOVE them, I really see the Disney-ness. I don’t like the Jasmine one, but the others, especially Snow white and Belle. Nice Ideas. Not perfect but, cute. I also love Disney a little too much though.

  15. meels says:

    just weighing in… I actually really love this collection – to me it looks a lot more unique then lots of wedding dresses, and I can really see the inspiration. The Belle dress has the kind of skirt you just want to gather up in your hands and run up and down stairs with – sort of like the giant christian lacroix dresses featured in the april 2005 Vogue spread of Drew Barrymore as Beauty with Beast photographed by Anne Liebowitz. Then the Jasmine dress evokes the sheerness of gauzy fabrics of harem pants and veils, with the trim and asymmetrics give it the “ethinc” feel mentioned before. The Little Mermaid dress (though I’m surprised its not a “mermaid” cut – but that might have been too predictable) has ridged chiffon, reminiscent not only of seashells but also the waves of the sea – again the “airy” fabric but with the symmetrics of ocean waves. And I totally love the Snow White dress – the basket design gives it a country-sweetness but the heavy satin sheen of the fabric = the elegance of a true princess.

    I mean, I just watched the Little Mermaid yesterday – who would really want those giant puffy sleeves from her wedding dress literally translated? Yikes.

    Aaaanyway, I also agree that the snow white model is a little busty, but that’s not the fault of the dress. Though it does kind of look like two apples in a basket. 😉

  16. Al says:

    I expected these dresses to look more unique – instead they are just boring with a cheap fit. I guess they wanted to avoid a costume feel. It would be more profitable, and better for marketing as Disney dresses, if they had tailored them with some personality. For example, the little mermaid dress – use a mermaid shape with maybe with a light blue-green tint – since slight color shades like “rum pink” are popular now. Or that recent Disney ad with ScarJo looking gorgeous in the Cinderella dress – some toned down version of that – since that’s what the Disney fans are looking for anyway.

  17. belasala says:

    Wedding gowns never fit runway models very well…not sure why everyone here is getting so worked up about the fit.

    Of the 34 dresses in the collection, I think several are quite lovely (I found them all on the Disney Bridal website). If I didn’t already have my dress, I would seriously think about the middle one in the Jasmine collection or the farthest right one in the Sleeping Beauty collection.

  18. La BellaDonna says:

    I don’t think “inspired” is one of the words I would have picked to describe this collection, that’s for sure. There is nothing here that marks these gowns as identifiably Disney for the hardcore (and there really could have been several different very appealing gowns for each, without the dresses looking any more costumey than any other bridal dress), nor particular distinguished on their own merits.

    Tsk. They should have been braver.

  19. Stacy says:

    I like the Little Mermaid one and the Snow White one, but the first and second are terrible. Very unflattering. That first one.. if something with princess seams (which are usually terribly flattering) looks bad on a MODEL, how is it going to look on a real person?

  20. sam says:

    I like some of these wedding dresses designs. Some body here like Jasmine?