Happily prepared

Pre-wedding day stress makes it easy to forget about the little things. While spending time with your honey is indeed important, I’m actually talking about stuff like bobby pins, tampons, and hem tape.

With You In Mind, Inc.’s Wedding Day Emergency Kit for one to four women, five to nine women, and even bigger bridal parties includes roughly 30 name-brand products that will save your butt in a fix. Neither stains, nor pains, nor bad breath will interfere with your happiness on your big day.

But if a custom-made cosmetic bag isn’t really your idea of utilitarian, the ever-fabulous Sterlingspider reminds us that there is a edgier option out there. The Wedding Day Survival Kit comes in a plain metal attaché case and contains almost everything you need to repair yourself, your dress, and your attendants. It even includes a set of extra wedding bands (made of what, I don’t know) in case your best man flakes out.


Of course, this is all well and good, but what happens if an emergency goes down on the other side of the altar? Not a problem when you present your husband-to-be with the Groom’s Wedding Day Kit, featuring everything from shoe wipes to deodorant to stain remover and more.

3 Responses to “Happily prepared”

  1. Meg says:

    We could have used one of those. It was an emergency stop at the hotel convenience store to get safety pins because my husband assumed his pants had belt loops and that losing a little weight wasn’t a problem and the pants did not have belt loops and it was a problem. But all’s well that ends well.

  2. Dianasaur says:

    Hee-hee. That could have made for an interesting wedding video, you could have won thousands of dollars Meg! I think I’ll just look at what’s in the kits and put one together myself. It’s probably cheaper I think.

  3. La BellaDonna says:

    I can go one better. For our wedding, my husband-to-be was wearing period clothing (as was I). For months, he’d been trying things on for fittings: putting them on, taking them off, putting them on … no problem.

    The day of the wedding: he buttoned up his breeches, and those danged pearl-headed buttons – ! Every single pearl PULLED OFF the metal shank!!! Yes, that’s right; the metal shanks stayed where I had securely sewn them to the breeches, but they were headless!

    Thank heaven for the safety pins – although it was crushing to me, as I had worked so hard so that the outfit would look nice!

    When my brother got married, I bought my formal bag with an eye to packing an emergency kit for his bride – needles, thread, tiny scissors, packaged SHOUT wipes, pins, everything I could think of. And I wound up stitching bridesmaids into their gowns so they wouldn’t inadvertently flash folks, and boy oh boy, were the SHOUT wipes a good idea! As the bride exited the limo, the wind whipped up, and her train flew back into the limo, and something in the limo left a big black blotch on her dress! Fortunately, I got it off before she went into the church, but it was A Moment – and one we could have done without. I had also picked up a couple of different umbrellas, one white, one clear, one I-don’t-remember-what, as it seemed as if it might rain, and I knew there was no provision for keeping her dry as she moved between buildings. Fortunately, those at least were not needed.