Simple + Elaborate = Fabulous

A few pieces of dazzling jewelry can do wonders for an understated wedding gown. Though my overstated lady lumps make me look ridiculous in sheath dresses, there are few thinks I love more than a plain satin sheath paired with some beautiful and original baubles. As soon as I happened upon Jen Preston’s wonderful designs, I thought how lovely they’d look on some chic, sheathed bride. Her pieces have an architectural oomph to them that would likely be too bold when paired with an elaborate gown, but they would no doubt be strikingly elegant when serving as a focal point. Observe:



As an aside, this necklace makes me think of frequent commenter Sterlingspider.

6 Responses to “Simple + Elaborate = Fabulous”

  1. Twistie says:

    (drools and covets)

    I particularly love the candelabra earrings. Gorgeous. And yes, they’d all look magnificent with a sheath style gown.

  2. Bridey says:

    Wow — that first pair is gorgeous, or would be on one with the bone structure to pull them off.

  3. La BellaDonna says:

    SterlingSpider must get that necklace!

    *sigh* if she cannot, has some very appealing (considering) pieces of sterling spider jewelry. But that necklace would be perfect!

  4. sterlingspider says:

    I should totally hate you right now, but the necklace is far too fabulous.

  5. sterlingspider says:

    Nevermind, my ire has totally been redirected at La Belladonna for appraising me of the existance of this

    Seriously though, all beautiful stuff. It’s nice to see spiders in fine jewelry as what I usually find is so kitschy and while I’m certainly no stranger to kitsch, beautiful things are nice too.

  6. La BellaDonna says:

    Sterlingspider, if you don’t want people to find fabulous jewelry for you … don’t have a fabulous name!

    (This is a big fib; I will find jewelry for almost anyone. But StSp has made it easy to do.)