It’s not mine, it’s a rental!

If I could do it all again, I think I might elope. Ha ha, only serious. All right, maybe not. But I would consider renting a wedding gown. For those who don’t imagine they will form sentimental ties with their wedding apparel, renting a gown can be a great way to save bank without sacrificing fabulousness.

I, for one, wouldn’t mind walking down the aisle in this Italian satin ballgown (available for hire at Tuscany Rentals in Colorado):


Um, even if it is a little busy…but anyway, renting a gown means being extra, extra, extra careful about fit. There are oftentimes no alterations in the land of the rental unless you’re willing to spend huuuuuuundreds more, so you best hope you can work with the sizes your rental boutique has on hand. Do not squeeze. Do not pin and tuck. Do not gain or lose weight after choosing your gown. That last rule might prove challenging for a lot of ladies, myself included.

The good news is that renting can mean wearing a gown you might otherwise not be able to afford, and many rental boutiques throw in accessory rentals (think veils and petticoats) gratis.

It’s not a route traveled by many brides (yet) but it’s definitely something to think about while considering weddingwear options.

6 Responses to “It’s not mine, it’s a rental!”

  1. C* says:

    The dress above is a gown designed by Julius Bridal and can be bought for less than $600.00, which would probably be cheaper than renting and paying a fortune for alterations. 🙂 I’m ordering my wedding gown from them in 3 weeks!

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    How wonderful, C*! Thanks for letting us know where the dress above came from — I’m having a heck of a good time poking through their offerings. I love any dressmaker that sells online! Now if only I could find some legitimate reason to buy multiple ballgowns…

  3. C* says:

    Julius Bridal has been really good to me so far…and they can make pretty much any gown you want. Mine is custom designed and incorporates elements from 3 different Casablanca bridal gowns that I love. AND I’m having it made in 100% Silk Taffeta for less than $600.

    I would love to buy multiple ball gowns too…but alas, there aren’t many events here in Utah that require formal wear. 🙁

  4. Twistie says:

    Rental is a great option for those who are very standard in all measurements and aren’t emotionally attached to the idea of keeping a wedding gown…but it sure as shooting wouldn’t have worked for me! Not just on the sentimental front, either. I’m short, overweight, small-busted, and my waist is in my armpits. Oh, and I also have no shoulders.

    Still, if you’re between about 5’5″ and 5’8″ and wear a pretty standard size, you may well be able to find a good deal without worrying about preservation and storage afterwards…but don’t serve red wine with dinner!

    That’s another reason it wouldn’t have worked for me: I’m a messy eater.

  5. Stacy says:

    Renting would never have worked for me.

    I’m about a 14 in street clothes after losing some weight… which meant my custom gown had to be taken in multiple times! But I am about as far from standard as you get — I’m the right height at 5’7″, but I’m busty, my back is small across, I have hips AND a rear, and a tiny waist. Nothing ever fits me. We altered my gown up to the last minute, and I picked it up the day before the wedding. I’d have needed hell alterations to get anything to fit me.

    I’ve heard quite a few good reviews over Julius Bridal, althoguh I was afraid to go with them. I’m too much of a fabric snob and control freak, and since my dress was about the color of this web page, I was afraid to leave the color selection to anybody but me 🙂 Besides, the main thing I wanted was the gorgeous lace we bought.

  6. sam says:

    Nice design.Ivory taffeta big train, good construction on bodice. we ve made the similar models before.