Bridezillas, sister-wives, little brides, and more


Marriage is hot in the media today, as I learned from Kirk this morning. He sent me a heads-up about Slate’s wedding issue, which sent me on a wild chase for more, more, more matrimonial news. Could it be that I’m pining for the days of my own wedding planning adventure? No way, Jose. If anything, reading about the bridezillas of the world reminds me how pleased I am to be happily married. But speaking of that mythical beast known as the bridezilla, the image above shows the newest Bridezilla contestants crossing Broadway in New York’s Times Square on their way to film the first episode of the fourth season of the WE hit.

So where did my adventures in matrimonial media lead me? Here‘s an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune that celebrates sister-wives a la HBO’s Big Love…sort of.

We found ourselves confessing that plural marriage didn’t look so terrible, even in a drama filled with suffering and intrigue. It was kind of like the Waltons, what with the big family and the red-state setting. One always had company. There was help with the children. And though the three or more women married to one man didn’t seem so great, it seemed a small point.

Ever heard of Tom Thumb Weddings? Me neither. I should thank the Herald & Review for cluing me into this weird ritual. And here The Beard was thinking I’m weird for joking that I made the cats get married!

Another child, Christopher Butler, who played the minister, asked the bride and groom to place candy rings on each other’s fingers. The groom had to restrain himself after having eaten several of the rings during rehearsal on Saturday.

If you’ve served on the nuptial front lines as a bridesmaid under a domineering bride, you’ll smirk at Prudie’s tips on taming brides from hell.

The bride insisted this bridesmaid leave her glasses at home because “glasses are an inappropriate accessory for women’s formalwear, and the bridal magazines have convinced her that there can be no exceptions to the no-glasses rule.” It makes me hope that as the groom tries to explain this to his friend, he’ll find himself looking deep into her Coke-bottle lenses, suddenly declare, “Why, Miss Keeler, you’re beautiful!” and run away with her.

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4 Responses to “Bridezillas, sister-wives, little brides, and more”

  1. Jane says:

    Tom Thumb wedding….now, that really takes me back. I got in SO much trouble in nursery school, back in 1960-something. The teachers were planning a mass “wedding” for us small people, and I flatly refused to take part. At the age of 4, there was no way I was ready to settle down, and I told them so. I have a recollection of myself and 3 of the boys, who also refused to get married, standing outside the room peering in at all the dressed-up kids. We were excluded from the party. Oh well. I finally did get to have my own wedding, many years later.

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Good for you, Jane! Way to stand up for yourself 😉

  3. Twistie says:

    God! Tom Thumb weddings! Those were wildly popular in the Twenties. The very concept always creeped me out a bit.

    No, I wasn’t there in the Twenties! At least not in this incarnation. ; )

    Jane, if anyone had tried to put me through one of those extravaganzas, I’d probably have bitten them. I think you showed remarkable restraint.