Seeing spots

You don’t see a lot of polka dot bridesmaid dresses. Maybe because it would be just a little, I don’t know, busy? A polka dot table runner or invitation is a lot less conspicuous (read: distracting) than a gaggle of giggling ladies, all decked out in dots. But for a casual summery wedding where matching each bridesmaid wasn’t a priority, polka dotted dresses could make for some interesting visuals.


Of course, that’s just one permutation of the polka dot. There are smaller dots and larger dots, and how you space your dots is going to make a big difference in how others perceive them. I think a mixed set of bridesmaids in matching dresses with different polka dot colors could be oddly entertaining, but that’s just me.


This one could even make a cute wedding dress for a super casual bride looking to wear something more comfortable than fancy.


The dresses above are on sale at Retro Kitty Kat and are obviously one of a kind. But it’s not like polka dots are a thing of the past, so you should have no trouble finding one or more! And, natch, all of these dresses would make lovely guestwear for those slated to attend upcoming summertime nuptials.

7 Responses to “Seeing spots”

  1. lazydaisy says:

    cute! i don’t think i could personally pull off the spotted look…but i could definitely see this being a lovely strategy for a retro/vintage wedding party. however…as much as i love the combo of pink and brown…that last one strikes me as a dress that might become dated pretty fast, doomed to pop up a few years from now on some “i can’t believe she made me wear this” bridesmaid website.

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    I see your point, lazydaisy. It’s just a hair short of being a tribute to the 80s…

  3. Twistie says:

    I love the idea of mix and match bridesmaids, but I’m not sure I’d do it in polka dots. It might get a little hard on some peoples’ eyes! LOL! Still, you can’t beat it as a cheerful image, can you?

    And I do like the idea of a little pattern here and there. I don’t know why more people don’t use a bit at weddings.

  4. Toni says:

    When my mom got married, she did floral dresses for her maids, each one in a different pastel color. The effect was lovely. I’ve also seen different shades of the same color (pale pink, rose, pink, red, burgandy) done very well.

  5. JaneC says:

    I love the blue dress, and can easily imagine the same dress, one with tiny dots, the medium dots, and one with huge dots. Maybe the MOH in white with blue dots, and the bride in all white with a blue sash.

    Were I getting married in summer, that might have been my theme. I adore polka dots.

    As it is, though, I’m getting married in November, and all the men are wearing tartan. No dots for me.

  6. StaceyS says:

    I have never been one for plain matching bridesmaids. The whole look is a little to like school uniforms or an army parade.

    Polka dots or floral prints are excellent for a more interesting bridal party and not to forget the photos of the big day will gather more attention if there is something unique about your wedding.

    Polka dot dresses this year will be easier to find with the new trends in prom dresses being spot designs and animal prints.