The Dressmaker and The Dressmaker

This is what I’d look like if you told me I could have an individually designed dress from The Dressmaker in Edina, Minnesota:


The bride in the photo is no doubt so happy because, one, she just tied the knot and, two, she was wearing one of Kristen Olsen‘s fabulous handcrafted creations. A preliminary visit to The Dressmaker involves discussing designs and browsing fabrics. Measurements are taken and the cost is determined. Several months before the date a muslin is created and expertly fitted. A handful of fittings later, and you’re ready for your final adjustments!

And speaking of dressmakers, I’d like you to know that I’m sitting on a half finished review of Elizabeth Birkelund Oberbeck’s The Dressmaker. I read it quite some time ago, but it’s one of those stories that you just have to mull over for a bit before you can talk about it.

5 Responses to “The Dressmaker and The Dressmaker”

  1. katie says:

    woo-hoo ! minnesota love! i dno’t htink this photo even does that woman’s skill justice. i’ve seen some AMAZING dresses come from olson’s fingers!

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Right on, katie — an endorsement!

  3. Twistie says:

    There’s nothing like a custom gown to make you feel like a real princess on your wedding day. It feels wonderful to know nobody else in the world has the same gown.

    Mine took second prize at the county fair, too.

    It should have taken first, after all the time I spent on making the lace and my friend spent on creating the pattern.

    So there.

  4. Brideorama says:

    Kristen Olsen’s dresses are amazing. She has great taste and all of her dresses are unique and tasteful. There is nothing better than to know that no one else is wearing your wedding dress… after all, it is YOUR day!

  5. Alyx says:

    She`s the sun flower…yep..beautiful dress indeed