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It’s all in how you show it

Friday, July 20th, 2007

My extreme love for the cake below (and its creative surroundings) will tell you a lot about my design sensibilities.


I found it on the Better Homes and Gardens web site as a seasonal cake table meant for a winter wedding, but I’m not seeing it. Yes, white on white virtually screams ‘winter,’ but that doesn’t mean that this confection and its various accessories couldn’t hold their own at a dignified country wedding in the springtime. I mean, it’s about time we stop religiously associating certain hues with certain season, right?

For more ideas on how to make your cake really pop, check out The Wedding Cake Book and Romantic Wedding Cakes. Sure, you could read these tasty tomes for actual cake ideas, but they can also give you plenty of great ideas on how best to showcase your nuptial baked goods.

Nuptials in the nude

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Here’s a tip for you… never do a Google image search for “naked weddings.” At least, don’t do it in your office, because your boss may not be so keen on some of the results you get. In the past, I’ve talked about nearly-naked weddings and nudity in bridal gown adverts, but I never got around to nude nuptials. Until now, that is.

The problem with naked weddings is that the people having them aren’t exactly flashing the photos for all to see. Too often, an image search will net you pornography rather than plain ol’ nudity. Thankfully, photographers like Declan McCullagh are out there in the field capturing these precious moments for those of us who are curious, but not that curious.


Where better to find naked nuptial pics than at Burning Man, where nudity abounds. This photo shows “a naked couple, who said they have nothing to hide, get married in the Conexus Cathedral” at last year’s no-holds-barred Black Rock City extravaganza. Good for them, I say. But I’m still glad I covered the majority of my parts on my wedding day, because I do have something to hide… my lumps.

My only advice to those planning naked weddings is this:

Be sure your guests know what to expect!

Yet another way to be welcoming

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

At least four of my recently married friends left cutesy gift bags at the front desk for out-of-towners like me and The Beard. These were homemade, and included all sorts of little snacks and thingamajigs to occupy us during the off hours of the trip. We considered doing something similar, as almost all of the people attending our nuptials came from distant locales, but in the end, we were just too dang lazy. Too bad I hadn’t heard about the Kate Parker Wedding gift baskets for guests — then I would have had a reason to spend even more dough!


Baskets are customized by state, and while the web site only lists a handful of choices, they can furnish you with gift baskets reflecting the unique character of any state in the union. I would have chosen the “Miami’ basket, even though the wedding was held on Merritt Island. It includes Orange Gumballs from Florida By Mail in New Smyrna Beach (my paternal hometown), a custom map including 4-5 points of interest for the wedding weekend, and cookies from The Pastry Studio in Daytona Beach, among other stuff. Had I married in Boston, guests might have gotten coffee from Indigo Coffee in Northampton and maps of the city for both walkers and drivers.

The baskets are pricey at around $35 each, but if you have the money to spend, Kate Parker Weddings could save you the trouble of having to whip up a bunch of gift bags just days before your nuptials.

A Western wedding that didn’t make me hork

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

This past weekend, Rebecca Romijn showed the world the right way to wear a light, airy, summery wedding dress. Her floor-length Ralph Lauren frock not only looks beautiful, it also looks comfortable. And don’t she and that Jerry O’Connell fellow look absolutely smitten with one another?


From what I could tell by taking a gander at the photos over at A Socialite’s Life, the new Mr. and Mrs. Romijna-O’Connell-Whatever had their guests sitting on bales of hay covered in country quilts. I can’t say I’m a big fan of theme nuptials, but when they are wonderfully underdone like this Western wedding, they can be super!

Healthy models versus dead ones

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Now, here we have two summery bridesmaid dresses, and I’m rather fond of them both.


On the left, a Kirstie Kelly Couture frock makes its way down the runway on wonderfully healthy looking model. On the right, two Paula Varsalona creations get in the way of what promises to be a spectacular catfight…provided that the model outfitted in pink isn’t already dead. She does look about ready for her appointment with the undertaker.

Love for the little ones

Friday, July 13th, 2007

I tend to spend so much time thinking about gifts for grownups that when it comes time to show the kiddies some love, I’m plum out of ideas. For birthdays and so forth, I like to stick to educational gifts, but when it came time to pick something out for my wonderful little flower girl, I chose pearls. Not every five year old goes in for jewelry, however. Er, especially not the boys…


Luckily, there is plenty out there for those whose flower girls and ring bearers would rather munch on a cookie than read a book about their nuptial responsibilities. Weddingish has a neat selection of gift baskets and other stuff for the little boys and little girls who will be accompanying you down the aisle. Cute, no?

(Oh, and by the way, ya’ll got it right yesterday. I loved the dress on the right with its pretty, lacy straps and plunging neckline. The one on the left with those weird sleeve things? Not so much.)

Empires of lace

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Here are two frilly and feminine wedding dresses from Claire Pettibone


I really love one and truly detest the other. Guess which is which!