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All right, but what’s a “Muir Owl?”

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

I hate to hit you with two YouTube posts in a row, but Sterlingspider clued me in to this vid of one of the coolest proposals ever.

I wish more people would do things like this.

EDIT: The Beard just took one look at this post and said, “My Early Muir Owl? That’s an anagram of ‘Will you marry me?'” What he didn’t catch is that the name of the fictional artist, Serge Gandora, is an anagram of Sara and George, the couple in the vid.

Britain’s Youngest Brides

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of young brides is that they have crappy taste. Or maybe I’m just too old to understand their hip, funky, and modern fashion sense. TV1’s Britain’s Youngest Brides introduces the world to five young brides… Are they making mistakes? Following their hearts? Growing up? You decide.


Destination: Nigeria

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Many people, when thinking about weddings in general, envision poufy white gowns, pew bows, and lavish displays of frippery. But we should never forget that one couple’s wedding standards might just be another couple’s nuptial no-nos. Bleached lace and tulle aside, weddings do tend to inspire people to do themselves up a little. If you called Nigeria home, your wedding guests might look a little bit like these ladies.


Gotta love those hats! In the traditional Igbo wedding in eastern Nigeria, guests begin to arrive for the ceremonies at 2pm.

Get your filla of the ‘zilla

Friday, August 17th, 2007

If you wake up each morning and sigh about the lack of bridezillas in your life, have I got the game for you. My Bridezilla by AMA, created by Longtail Studios, is the first interactive wedding game for mobile phones. You play Michelle, sister and MOH to Lizzy, who is poised to come down with a serious case of bridezillaitis.


It’s your job to fulfill every last one of her wedding desires while keeping her secret (DUN DUN DUNNNNN), dealing with bossy bridesmaids and PO’ed parents, and coping with the nuptial chaos. The more stressed Lizzy feels, the closer she comes to transforming into a full fledged bridezilla. But if that gets to be too much for you, you can always take a time out and play some of the cakey, dressy mini-games.

Right now, My Bridezilla by AMA can be played on compatible Verizon phones, but the game will apparently be launching on other carriers quite soon. To check it out, follow these instructions:

  • Open Get it Now
  • Select the Get It Now shopping cart
  • Select Get Fun & Games
  • Select Strategy Games
  • Find and select My Bridezilla by AMA

But what does it reeeeaaaaally look like?

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

So you may know that you can design your own formal dresses on the Coco Myles web site. You can also customize a selection of red carpet looks to satisfy your style needs. But what happens if you can’t for the life of you choose between scoop necks and empire waists?


The Coco Myles Dress Blog is here to help. In the archives, you’ll find pictures of actual people wearing the actual dresses they designed. You know, as opposed to gaunt models wearing dresses someone else picked out. You can get an idea of what a certain option will look like on an individual of your stature or body type without having to make blood sacrifices to the wedding gods.

Is he a keeper? If not, throw him back!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Here we have another déclassé cake topper in a long line of déclassé cake toppers:

A wedgie -- every groom's secret desire?

First off, just what sort of bait does one use to reel in a man already wearing a tuxedo? All I see in her bait basket are flowers, and that’s certainly not what I’d use. While this could be a cute topper for couples into fishing, it misses the mark because it’s obvious that the tiny groom is desperate to become the “one that got away.”

That aside, however, I am intrigued by the use of bundles of iced cookies in place of the traditional wedding cake. I like cake, but that doesn’t mean I’m not ready to scarf down a handful of well-baked cookies at a moment’s notice.

Brides decide. No one else. Only brides.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Oh my stars. The knot, the nest, and have gone political on me. I’m all for encouraging people to get involved in everything from school board elections to the resignation of Rove, but I’m not sure I see the relevance of Brides Decide, the web site whose tag line reads, “Get engaged in the 2008 election.”


I suppose it’s nice to have a gander at the wedding photos of prominent US presidential candidates. And props to Brides Decide for offering up their quick shot candidate profiles. But really now, I think brides can decide without having to follow some link they stumble upon during one of their frequent visits to the knot message boards. Am I right? Please tell me I’m right…