Two templates, innumerable options

Generally, I’m not a huge fan of spending bondo bucks on invitations, as most of the people who receive them have no plans to mount them in a keepsake scrapbook. Every so often, however, I find myself tempted by invites that are just too, too pretty. Blue Magpie invitations, with their lush fabric enclosures just recently caught my eye, even through their $30 price tag makes my face pucker.

Looks greathomepagephoto2.jpgReads great

The invites only come in two sizes, but the nice people over at Blue Magpie will work with a bride and groom to pick out the perfect fabric. In fact, they will do their best to find the colors and patterns their clients desire, or work with fabric sent to them by a client.

Can I have them all?

Beyond fabrics, Blue Magpie is always willing to explore different printing options, custom artwork, and embellishments like invitation backings, hang tags, additional ribbons, and crystal accents. As impractical as they usually are, I love all the little hangy bits that one often finds on more complicated invitations. Do I love them at $30 a pop? Only when I’m receiving them in my mailbox!

2 Responses to “Two templates, innumerable options”

  1. Lexy says:

    $30 each huh… wooowheee… they sure are pretty though. Definitely a fantasy product.

  2. Carla says:

    I think what I’d do is order ONE for the bride to frame.