This and That in the Wedding World

Seal has announced that he’s recorded a duet with wife Heidi Klum. The song is one he wrote for their May 2005 wedding. I think that’s sweet…and I sure hope she can sing.

Eddie Murphey and fiancee Tracey Edmunds have announced that they intend to shun Hollywood glitz and have a “small, casual” wedding instead. Edmonds said of planning the wedding: “We keep checking in with each other. Like, ‘What do you think about this?’ So we’re getting a little closer, figuring it all out. It’ll come together really soon.” It’s great to hear that they’re working together to make it happen.

And in the world of deeply strange wedding news, the Lancashire Evening Post reports that Patricia Catterall, a Chorely market stallholder who runs Pat’s Market Cheese Shop was recently hired to make a six-tier all cheese wedding cake.

It weighed thirty pounds and cost two-hundred twenty pounds.

The base layer was made of Brie de Meaux, topped with Lancashire cheese, Cornish cheese, Wensleydale with cranberries, cheddar with shallots and chives, and Cornish blue, finally topped with a traditional wedding couple topper.

A more traditional sweet wedding cake was served at the afternoon reception, with the cheese creation being saved for an evening reception.

Catterall says she’s already been hired to do other cheese cakes.

All I can say is if Mr. Twistie had heard of this before our wedding, he might have tried to get it duplicated. Yeah, I might have gone for it.

5 Responses to “This and That in the Wedding World”

  1. Pencils says:

    We had a three-tier cheesecake wedding cake at our reception. OK, it was a traditional sweet cheesecake, not cheese stacked up in the form of a cake. I’ve heard of having cheese instead of a sweet cake, and I think it’s a great idea. If we had hired caterers instead of having our reception at at catered hall (where they had a menu to choose from) we might have done that, we *love* cheese. They know me at Murray’s Cheese Shop in NYC.

  2. My friends Patrick and Ilene (Patrick is in the cheese business) had a wedding cake made to look like a cheeseboard. It was amazing:

  3. Fenny says:

    Well, I never knew you subscribed to the Lancashire Evening Post. That’s an awful long round for the paper boy 😉

  4. UN says:

    Oooooh, that cheese cake sounds like a good idea. I’m putting that in the Wedding Without a Date File.

  5. Glinda says:

    For some reason, that reminds me of a Monty Python skit.