It’s impossible to feel dark or stay mad when pale citizens wield parasols

As was discussed in my recent post about the well dressed pate, it isn’t always easy to find classy, upscale headgear. I myself have a larger than average head and am often dismayed to find that I cannot squeeze into the nicer off the rack hats I come across. Now, let’s fantasize that you’re to attend or participate in an outdoor wedding in a traditionally hot clime in the height of summer.

What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

One infrequently explored option is the parasol — perhaps infrequent because we’re NOT all lucky enough to have a well-stocked parasol shop nearby. But if the only thing holding you back is the inconvenience of finding a pretty umbrella to provide you with the shade you need to survive, Bella Umbrella is about to come to your rescue.

The sun can find no purchase here

For the bride, an ecru lace canopy with a light wooden handle.

Keeping soft skin soft

For the maids, something in green sherbet with crystal beaded trim and a white handle embellished with a clear gem.

Even kiddies need to shade their eyes

And, for the flower girl, a child-sized 1915 original with pink beaded Dupioni fabric with an ivory beaded fringe.

The best part? They’re rentals, so there’s no need to commit to a purchase that may do little more than collect dust in your faux elephant foot umbrella stand. If, however, your intention is to enjoy a future family heirloom that matches your wedding theme or colors, Bella Umbrella will create custom parasols using any fabric you wish as long as you give them a six month lead time.

Gorgeous, no?

2 Responses to “It’s impossible to feel dark or stay mad when pale citizens wield parasols”

  1. Chloe says:

    Those are wonderful! You can quite often find lovely painted rice-paper parasols in Chinese gift shops. I snagged mine for $20! It may take a little more time to find plain colored ones – but it could be worth a try 🙂

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Great suggestion, Chloe! Ever since I was a little lass, I’ve loved those Chinese parasols…whether they were full sized or sitting in a Shirley Temple.