It’s raw. It’s organic. It’s a boutique.

If taking care of Momma Earth is your thing, you may want to shy away from wedding gowns and men’s formalwear produced using man-made materials (think poly) or natural fibers treated with icky chemicals. Enter hemp, the tough as nails plant Pauly shore was so keen to cultivate in Bio-Dome. But this isn’t your mom’s hippie hemp…it’s soft not scratchy, sustainably produced, and it looks as smooth as can be.


Yes, these duds are most appropriate for a less formal affair, but they don’t look so granola that grandma is going to wonder if you’ve become vegans — a word she pronounces ‘vay-gun.’

And just in case you couldn’t tell, the image you see before you is compliments of Rawganique, makers of fine organic hemp clothing. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was taking credit for such a stirring image of eco-conscious love and marriage!

PS – My posts may be somewhat sporadic for the next few days…The Beard and I just moved house and the phone company did not make good on their promise to transfer our service. I am writing from a local cafe filled with hipsters and art school students.

2 Responses to “It’s raw. It’s organic. It’s a boutique.”

  1. Sterlingspider says:

    Check out bamboo too, it’s the new hemp. 🙂
    Sustainable, comfortable, and I’ve seen some simply beautiful fabrics made from it (woven the right way it has the soft rich drape and lustre of a fine pashmina).

    Double extra bonus… it apparently is mildly antiseptic, so it’ll help keep you smelling sweet even if you’re sweating out a late vendor or a cantankerous relative.

  2. Twistie says:

    Hemp or no, I really like that gown for a very informal wedding. It’s pretty and dignified.