Now you can really be the light of his life

Back at the cafe, typing on my laptop keyboard. Recently I’ve been afraid that I’ve been revisiting topics inadvertently. It’s not terribly difficult to do so, as one tends to come across the same companies and concepts again and again when researching wedding gear. I did mention Faernyn’s Grove almost a year ago, but I never highlighted their most interesting offering, the HEMPSILK (tee em) Luminex corseted wedding gown.


This is the gown in its unlit state. I’m afraid to say that while the company will craft you a custom gown made to your measurements, the size of the model and the size of the dress don’t exactly match up. The train is made of fiber optic fabric that twinkles when lit. The whole works is powered by a small, thin battery pack that resides in a pocket built into the inside back of the train.

Sounds a little showgirlish, right? But it’s really more subtle than it sounds. Have a look…
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The dress and the corset will set you back a cool $3,600, and you can choose between white, red, yellow, or green LEDs. Worth it? I don’t know. Thinking back to my own wedding, there weren’t a lot of opportunities to stand in a pitch black environment. I imagine that a newly married couple could have quite the first dance with the lights turned down low, however.

4 Responses to “Now you can really be the light of his life”

  1. Portside says:

    That dress brings back fond memories of my first corporate holiday party. I took a burgundy colored gown I found deeply discounted at Marshall’s and sewed four sets of battery operated white Christmas lights into the skirt fabric. The battery packs were sewn into a makeshift pockets in the tulle.

    Probably was not as elegant looking as the above but still not the “show girl Vegas” look. Think more like the pinpoint lights in the Sarah McLachlan “Building a Mystery” music video. The dress did make quite an impression, even long after leaving my architecture firm, my former coworkers still talk about it. 🙂

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Wow, Portside! That sounds like some crafting magic and a great holiday idea.

  3. Gracie says:

    Battery pack to light it? How about a match? Or maybe you should just put a match to the $3600 instead? I can’t imagine pulling this dress out 40 years down the road and showing your grandkids what grandma wore the day she got married. “Your grandpa wasn’t the only thing that was lit on our wedding day! And look! Grandma was wearing red and green blinking lights that flashed ‘Stop and Go!'”

    Colored lights on a holiday dress are one thing, but on your wedding dress? This was either made as a sample for Wal-Marts Bentonville clothing buyers or it is a joke.

  4. Never teh Bride says:

    “Your grandpa wasn’t the only thing that was lit on our wedding day!”