Why DIY when they can DIFY

Packaged niceties can save you a freak out

Nice table, yes? It can be yours for a mere $315 per. I chose the elements that graced my wedding tables myself, but I could have benefited from Social Couture‘s help. Had I been able to afford it, that is.

Tables are sold by sets that come complete with candles, candelabrum, bowls, plates, centerpieces, napkins, and accents, or enterprising brides-to-be can pick and choose the pieces they need most and find the rest on a bargain web site or eBay.

Pricey but nice

I’m all for making the world a more convenient place, but I do think that any of Social Couture’s tables could be easily executed by the determined DIYer. While having an entire table at your fingertips must be nice, many of the settings do look somewhat contrived and magaziney. I prefer the ones that already have a DIY air, and if your table is going to look sophisticated in a homemade sort of way, why not just make it homemade?

One Response to “Why DIY when they can DIFY”

  1. Twistie says:

    Since they seem to rely heavily on flowers arranged in simple glass vases and Reverware bowls, tea lights, and prettily colored linens, I don’t think it would be any trouble at all to reproduce something very like these tables at a fraction of the cost.

    The second table in particular relies a great deal more on color than anything else to make it spectacular. The flowers would take barely any work at all to do, and the placemats are striking mainly because of their color. They’re just simple, plainly hemmed rectangles. And if I didn’t feel like making them myself, I’m sure I could find placemats of about the same size and shape in an equally spectacular color at any import store for about four or five dollars each. Less if there’s a good sale on.

    These are certainly pretty tables, but I don’t think it would be at all difficult to do something similar for a whole lot less than $315 a table.

    Really, the hardest, most expensive thing would be coming up with matching dinnerware and silverware in those numbers. The rest of it is a dawdle.